January 31, 2012

Week 7.2: Blueberry Baby

Still 7 weeks pregnant.
Still have a blueberry-sized baby.

Sick a dog. Can’t enjoy free time. Nausea. Extreme, intense. Always have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Insanity.  Thirsty always. Makes nausea go away a little – but also makes me nauseous just thinking about drinking it. Beans sound awful, but taste good. All I want is French bread and saltine crackers. Haven’t had either, yet. Cooking is hard. Makes me super sad – since the kitchen was always my favorite place in the house. I HATE the kitchen now. Wish this baby could be fine off French bread and PB&J sammies on fluffy white bread. If only. I’m thinking of hiding broccoli in spaghetti sauce, carrots in muffins and greens in smoothies. If only I could hide the beans somewhere? Sick as a dog.

•    I can handle fats like nuts, seeds and avocado
•    I crave carbs because they sound so good on my sensitive tummy
•    I sip water (ice!) like nobody’s business – but when crazy nausea hits, I don’t want anything to do with water. This gives me dry mouth and makes me feel sicker I’ve learned. Poo!
•    Icky bowels still live strong, it makes “morning sickness” much worse – so foul!
•    I’ve been eating black beans for dinner and a lot of raw onion. Both have brought doom into my life. Horrible, awful, gut-wrenching gas and bloating and a nasty after taste (and onion burps) that threatens to stick with me forever. But I need IRON! BEANS!
•    Workouts have changed so much. Bodyrock.tv is a thing of the pre-pregnancy past. I ran at 5 weeks in Mexico (2 weeks ago) but haven’t had the chance to run since. I hope to go back to 3x/week on my feet. I love walking outside and the 77 stairs inside my job-killer! I’ve been concentrating on low-impact weight-lifting, lunges, squats, kettlebell and today: Brazilian dance on On Demand TV through Comcast! I’m shooting for maintenance here – not new muscles or 8-pack abs.
•    Fruit sounds SO much better than vegetables! I’ve skipped carrots twice this week and opted for apples, kiwi, oranges and bananas. Snacks consist of Mary’s Sesame Crackers, coconut granola bites, spinach smoothies with coconut oil and hemp seeds, a piece of rosemary wheat bread, and raisins with almonds. Breakfast is oatmeal, carbs, carbs, carbs. And dinner almost never sounds good but has tasted lovely each time (lentil curry soup, beans, French fries….)
•    I’m emotional. I want to cry and yell often. Nausea makes me grumpy in general – I want to love food again!
•    Weird side ache (sharp pain) yesterday – and pinchy, sharp pains in tummy today. Some 3 hours later: just a crazy bathroom break.

The end!

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