February 22, 2012

Birthing Center? Hospital? Homebirth?

Comparing birthing center costs to hospital costs. In the end? They both take my insurance, I’m definitely more for the comfort and home-like environment of a birthing center, and we’d really only save a few hundred bucks at the birthing center instead of a hospital. We also looked at having a home birth, but haven’t decided yet. It kind of (really, really) scares hubby but that’s because it simply sounds crazy to birth at home since it’s so uncommon in the United States. We’re reading a lot about all the options we have and love that no matter where we choose to have our wee-baby, God is ultimately in control of the whole process. And we trust Him fully! 

a delicious fried rice with BROCCOLI! from a restaurant. I was so happy I was eating broccoli that I could care less about it being white rice, or the chicken-broth soup they served before the meal. Bliss in the little things, for sure!
More tortilla pizza tooodaaayy :)

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