February 1, 2012

Pregnancy Challenges

Our first ultrasound!! itty, bitty, cute baby!!

Carrying a little one inside your lower abdomen is not the simplest of tasks. This has changed me in more ways than I had anticipated, and it has turned into much more than the sweet idea of rocking a baby bump. I longed for this moment in my life, my husband and I talked about it often and got excited (and nervous) just thinking about it. The early morning we found out we were expecting, we couldn't sleep. We both tossed and turned, he said he couldn't stop shaking, and our minds raced. I didn't have any symptoms except for the feeling of pure joy and disbelief, with a little bit of fatigue on the side. "Do you have any cravings? Do you feel nauseated or anything?" My mami-in-law asked me. Nothing. Told you: pure joy.

It wasn't until we prepared to fly back home that I started feeling different. Edu started to feel the first signs of influenza, which stuck with him for a whole week after we got back, and his twin brother caught a stomach virus at the same time. As I sat in the plane and watched my poor hubby shake, sweat and cough repeatedly, I couldn't avoid feeling incredibly anxious, sad, and sick myself. All I wanted to do was help him, take away his pain, and see my parents. I longed to give my parents the good news about our 6-week-old bebe in my tummy, but all I could see ahead was the 12 hours of travel between us. I cried uncontrollably the entire flight.

I'm about 7 or 8 weeks along now. I have been struggling with constant nausea for 3 weeks. I have been waking up at my regular "get up and SWEAT!!" hour (5:00am) but haven't been able to make it through more than a 15-20 minute workout. And I have yet to actually sweat. I'm exhausted, I absolutely love sleeping - it's the only time I don't feel sick to my stomach or sleepy (hah). But I know my body benefits from a little exercise, so I've been trying to do a little Pilates when I have the strength, and walking when I have/make time.

But I really don't feel like myself. I feel like a completely different person. I don't like any of the same foods that I always have, and all I can do is pray that our baby is receiving all that they need for a happy development. All I want is bread, since it sits nicely in my tummy and eases nausea.

Welcome to the pregnancy journal. It will get better, I will complain less, and there will posts full of pure joy, I just know it.

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  1. I think it’s a great sign that you have a positive and very excited attitude towards your pregnancy and the baby! It helps a lot in relieving the stress, which is a big problem during pregnancy. Well, Santiago James will be very proud to have you as his loving, caring and responsible mother. I hope all is well with your recovery, Nicole! :)

    Aiko Dumas