February 20, 2012

Week 10: Prune Baby

week 10
baby size of a prune!

week nine baby!
Week 10 commences…wait, wait, back track. Week nine had a lot of hope. After three weeks of constant nausea, 1 week of nauseating, debilitating migraines that lasted throughout the day, and a day off from work that re-vamped me for life (but the re-vamp died after a day or so) – I had this itty, bitty, glimpse of light. I woke up one morning before 5:30 (first time since Mexico!) and did a full hour of yoga, that day and the day after I felt achy muscles for the first time in forever! And it brought me a great smile. I had some delightful meals: crunchy whole wheat bun, toasted, mashed avocado, lentil (or pinto bean! Only once, but I didn’t have trouble with it – yay pinto beans again!) burger, mustard, unsweetened ketchup, tomato, grilled veggies and fries. I made quinoa and brown rice blueberry muffins. I did have to eat toast every morning because ,after a big bowl of steel cut oats on Monday, I wrestled with the second worse case of after-a-meal nausea that I’ve ever experienced. And thus? Half a roll of multi-grain saltines into my belly. Le sigh….baby wanted veggie sushi one day and bread. Mom purchased the 2 pack of huge whole wheat baguettes from Costco, we went to twon on one of them in the truck and then I proceeded to cucumber sushi…and a ROUGH veggie sushi with cream cheese (removed, although I enjoyed the little tastes of it left on the rice) with raw carrot (ick!) some greens (bleck..) and not enough rice (torture!). so.. never again. I did choose to bring soy back into my life. So good and SO PROTEIN for this, so the baby can grow happily. It has been good. Anyhow. Week 10 has made me sickly again, and 5:00am is for sleeping, only, not exercise. Oh Nicole, oh mommy-to-be, say goodbye to your muscles. Accept it. 

 and then the pregnant lady ate:
toast, mashed avocado, tomato: the only dinner I could handle one night.
the sad sushi from the story above!
lentil burger heaaaven!
my first homemade tamales! all I want is starch. and the pinto beans were just me being optimistic. wasn't able to eat them, unfortunately.
sprouted soy is better than just any soy, right? it was delicious.
scrambled tofu! paprika, chili powder, loooads of nutritional yeast. oh my goodness gracious.
sprouted corn tortilla, avocado, tofu scramble, tomato
toast, almond butter, coconut, frozen berries: the only dinner I could handle another night :)
my mid-morning protein booster!
we found unsweetened coconut icecream at PCC market here in town. it was delicious and rich and chocolate!
sprouted garbanzo blended into a wet-flour, added olive oil, sprinkle of salt, and water to make protein-rich pancakes. they were fantastic!

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