February 27, 2012

Week 11: Lime Baby

11 weeks. 
baby is the size of a lime!
Pregnancy is okay this morning. My big goal and prayer for the week was to make the 5:00am (ish) wake up time a priority. I have come to realize how very important it is to maintain that routine, as sleepy and lazy as I have become, in order to maintain my sanity. Although, with an unplanned wake up call last night around 1:00am that kept me up for almost a full hour that felt like five hours, I decided that 6:22am would be a lot more friendly. So, Monday, you didn't include that delicious workout in the livingroom, but that's okay. Because you also didn't include an awkward drive to work because miss preggo didn't feel depressed, pitiful or blue. What you did include, Monday, was a walk in the ice, frozen hands, phone journaling in 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and and ice pond. You also included a nice chat with me mum, a tasty, filling and nutrient-loaded breakfast wrap (sprouted tortilla, banana, almond butter, cinnamon, wheat germ, chia seeds, raisins and a microwave!) And 77 stairs, up and down and up and down some more. Workout baby workout!

the same as 7,000 times this month: tofu scramble, brussel sprouts, avocado n' tomato
my only Rock during this pregnancy that never lets me down and never changes: God's Word!

Last night, I did discover the sadness that is ye ol' inevitable nighttime nausea. It hits, without falt, each night anywhere from 7:15 to 8:00, gets better with a tooth brushin', and forces me to bed - whatajoy. Anyhow, I tried to attack it with a new strategy that I somply call: starvation (since my usual mug of kashi nuggets, rice milks n' frozen blueberries hasn't been too friendly to the tummy) and refused (almost) to feed myself (or my baby) for fear of feeling that nasty uncomfortable, queasiness that controls every part of my body. It was all going fine, until some freshly washed grapes tempted me, and since I was feeling light-headed, grumpy and lethargic, I figured a large serving of grapes would be gentle to me. And they was - thank You, Lord!! The only issue with grapes is that they sure as heck won't fill you up or satisfy your incredibly hungry baby - so very shortly you'll feel the hungry creep back into your evening, and once again you'll have to choose: starve or eat, risking full-blown nausea right before bed. I talked to Edu (okay, I whined like a baby) about what to do, and we quickly agreed that I should obviously EAT, even though nothing sounded good - except for maybe a brownie. So baby and I munched on an apple from the fridge, and I brought along a jar of unsalted cashews - which I had every intention of partaking in for some good ol' protein and yummy fat - but of course, after the wittle apple, I felt like poo. So off to bed I went. With a tummy ache. And zero hope for Monday evening.

Le sigh.

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