February 10, 2012

Week 8.5: Raspberry Baby

Week 8 
baby is the size of a raspberry!

So…life didn’t get much easier since last post. I felt more nauseated, had more food aversions, felt more tired, less energetic, less able to work out. 3 straight weeks. Monday this week I woke up with a surprise from the baby-making-factory that is my body and had ZERO NAUSEA! I was very happy but also very cautious about celebrating because I didn’t know how long the beauty would last. After dinner, though, it was made known how long it would last: about half a day. I got my first debilitating head ache, which transformed into a full-on migraine, which lasted fooouuur daaaays. Today is Friday. I was given the day off. I ate waffles, I ran 3 miles, I painted. I ate lentil burgers and sweet potato fries, I cooked for spouse. I had zero migraine and only slight nausea. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, even the little ones!! Baby (or Caesar salad) did, however, give mommy a case of AM icky tummy. But we can’t have perfect days when we’re making babies, now can we? 2nd ultrasound appt on Monday – midwives meet & greet on Wednesday. So excited!!

the very wimpy, sad, carb drawer at work. It's called pregnancy and the first trimester, friends!

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