March 1, 2012

Anti-Sugar Baby

This baby has made something very clear: it hates sugar. If I eat it, I will almost instantly be punished. On comes a headache, that converts into a migraine, that causes nausea. My taste buds go wild, my brain cells are high, I want more. I eat more. I feel worse. And worse. Maybe if I eat a little more, I will feel better. It looks so good, I can smell it from here. Just one more bite. But don't let anyone see you do it, you're supposed to be setting a healthy example. You don't care about the treats, sweets or breads, you care about your health. You care about your baby's health. You go home, you feel sick. The headache worsens, you crawl in bed and pray for it to go away. Dizziness overcomes you, your stomach turns, you cradle your knees. My baby hates sugar.

Edu brought me home some meat-free Mexican pozole from work! It was amazing to eat raw radishes, or raw anything for that matter, for the first time in this pregnancy. Deliiicious!
I tackled some tempeh-kale enchiladas (and burnt the Mexi rice...oops..) to get some greens into my baby! It worked wonders :)


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