March 21, 2012

Leave the Beans at HOME!

You know all that hype about how much my insides didn't love lunch the other day? Well, I brought it again! Except this time, I made the wise decision of leaving the beans at home. I think (hope) the cheezy macaroni is much friendlier today than it was yesterday. I did, however, grab some hemp seeds to go with todays's meal - all for the sake of mommy's and baby's protein needs. We'll see how it all goes (and stays) down!

In other news, my mumsy and I have made an executive decision about this pregnancy. Although the MD's, MA's and RN's of the clinic I used to go to told me I am measuring about 14 weeks and 2 days today, we have a different theory. We're basing this baby's (gestational) age on the simple math and facts of: on your calendar, mark the first day of your last menstrual period. Go back exactly 3 months, and add 1 week. THIS is your due day. Nicole Carrillo, welcome to your 16th week of pregnancy. Congratulations, by God's bountiful grace, you have made it this far. Now start to rock that baby bump, no matter how blubbery it seems to be! *side note: we did eventually go back to the ultrasound age...I guess I just wanted to get my hopes up!!*

the quinoa/veg/peanut sauce dish I talked about on the last post: this is the restaurant's version!
Cooking for the week - see the butternut squash mac x4 ont he right! and sprouting garbanzos, fried rice for hubby, quinoa, brown rice, steel cut oats and 2 loaves of bread (one of which I burnt...teehee)

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