March 9, 2012

Pregnancy + the Common COld

Almost 13 weeks pregnant and being brutally attacked by the common cold. An upper respiratory virus of source. Bacteria eating away at my sinus. A slight headache, lingering and threatening to ruin my day (my week). A smaller supply of patience inside of me, the fuse's length decreases with each day. I am not myself, I am a big ol' grump. Anything you do or say will be held against you, for I have become a pro at holding a grudge. I dive into God's Word and it always lifts my spirits. For about 3 minutes. And then I see something outside that turns me off and I forget. I forget all the good. I focus on the negative. I am pregnant, battling a cold, and meaner every day. This morning's breakfast is making me feel queasy. This is not an ideal way to live, my friends.
this made me SO sick! but it was so promising... avocado sauce with spaghetti (like a creamy, avocado-y, delight?) from Oh She Glows' blog, and me attempting to get my greens in with frozen broccoli + peas straight  from the microwave. Nasty with a capitol N! sigh..

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