March 26, 2012

The Pregnant Exercise Journey

Running up 77 stairs and walking down them 5 times is a full-body, calf-burning, baby-bouncing, heart-rate-raising, happy-pregnant-woman workout. And it hurts for three full days afterwards, which, to me, is plenty worth it.

So, I haven't exactly returned to full-time exercise enthusiast Nicole quite yet. And I could easily be very bummed about this (secretly, I am) since exercise used to be as routine (and necessary) to me as eating. Here's the thing, though: I figure, if I'm sleepy in the morn', I ought to just sleep. If I feel strangely, oddly, happily awake at that 5:00 am alarm, then I ought to hop out of bed and get my yoga on in the living room. Thus far, perky 5:00 am me has been missing in action, but I am determined to return to me old ways (eventually) because I dang well miss my workouts like craaaazy. I know baby will benefit from a good sweat session, as will mommy, and that if I jump back on the sweat-wagon now, it'll be much easier to continue working out post-baby's arrival. So I gots no good excuse to let exercise leave my prenatal life! Anyhow. I must've been in a rambling mood. The end.

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