March 27, 2012

Sad, Inhale-Everything, Side of Pregnancy

This is the being honest hour. Let's open up, shall we?

I really thought this was more of a "first trimester I can't eat anything everything sounds gross so I'm going to graze on everything in sight that looks decent" type of thing:

[2 bowls raisin bran with h2o, a few pita chips, a few pita crackers, box of raisins, 3 Trader Joe's caramel popcorn, 2 stale blue tortilla chips, 3 animal crackers, 2 chocolate acai berries, one kidz cliff bar].

Sick as a dog. This is what happens when you're babysitting, you're 15 weeks pregnant, and struggling with mood swings, the lack of abs you can see on your stomach, as well as lack of real baby bump, and this is all you can find in the kitchen at the time. And I feel a migraine coming on, as well as the urge to do some obsessive calculating....

Cal: 600+
Sugar: 85g+

ohhh so THAT is how you hurt your body. this is why we don't have those type of easy-to-snack foods, crackers, chips, or protein bars. too much temptation! On the plus side: I just consumed over 13 grams of protein. You're welcome, wee-baby growing inside my tummy that may have had less-than-awesome days, during the first months of pregnancy, when I forgot protein in my meal since I can't eat pinto beans anymore because of how sick they make me feel inside and I don't feel like eating soy at every meal because I know how easy it is to become a soy-aholic.

I feel a migraine greeting me gently....

If only I could have THIS on hand every time I felt like eating everything in someone-else's pantry!!

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