March 10, 2012

TLC and A Baby Story

I've been falling quite hard for re-runs of A Baby Story on TLC. Not only do I cry my wee eyes out every time the baby appears, but I also immediately grab my tummy and cry out to God, "please protect this baby!!" Every time. I've seen 10 episodes in the past 2 days and I just can't get enough. There have been 4 C-sections, 2 births with midwives, 1 waterbirth, and 6 epidurals. There has been 1 body builder mom, who not only completed a full workout the day of her scheduled C-section, but returned to the gym after being home for just two days! She said she did it with all her three pregnancies successfully, only she was then diagnosed with kidney stones and had to lie in bed for a few (a million) days, and her poor hubs was left to be a super-dad of three boys from ages 0-7 or so. Anyhow, it really just made me feel like a mondo lazy mom-to-be and with that came a heavy dose of feeling-sorry-for-myself mixed with motivation to get back to (light) weight lifting or at least some 20 minute AM workouts. But alas, I was sleepy this morning. So I did 35 lunges on each side, mixed with 30 squats while brushing my teeth, 25 modified push ups before I got ready for work and as I type this I am walking up and down the stairs at work. It ain't no Body Rock (see but it'll do for now. I'm so ready for the second trimester. I'm so ready for a baby bump. I'm so ready to fall back in MAD love with massaged kale salads, pinto bean dishes, and baby carrots. I'm so ready. Oh goodness me, I need to cast my cares to Jesus. the end.

lentil meatloaf bringing my tummy joy.
brown rice pancakes with Super Green Powder for my amino acids that kale isn't giving me since I can't stomach it!
I ate about 19 of these and felt really sick afterwards! Who knew my tummy couldn't hold 5 pounds of pancakes?

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