March 7, 2012

Week 12: Plum Baby!

12 weeks and some days. 
ze baby is the size o' a plum!

My head hurts, it's snowing, I ate a pita pizza last night with mozzarella on it, I slept an hour less than I usually do, my gut is growing, my baby is growing, I did prenatal yoga yesterday morning before work, I made tempeh and kale enchiladas, today is leftover pizza day (without cheese, thank you). Last night I had dinner with two lovely friends, we talked pregnancy and cloth diapers, midwifery and hospitals, food aversions and second pregnancies. One of them is 20 weeks pregnant, her baby kicked, let her eat part of a meatball sub, and enjoyed ice water with lemon. My baby didn't do much of anything that I could actually feel, and probably got confused as to why whole-food vegan mumsy was eating cheese and white flour, I told baby that it tasted good and there weren't too many options at the restaurant. Baby accepted this fact. I love talking to gals about babies and birth. It fills my heart with glee and joy. I'm too tired and headach-y and sleep deprived to walk up and down the stairs for exercise this morning. I just want to drink a lot of ice water with a straw and sit in my bed with a book, although I'd probably just fall asleep immediately, and then be quickly awaken by the intense urge to pee, since my uterus is still so low, constantly placing pressure on my bladder. Oh, the joys of pregnancy. Sleep. It's all I can think of. And maybe cake. Sans dairy.

recipe for hubby from Runner's World magazine! Homemade sweet n' sour sauce from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan, with veggies, cashews and pineapple atop brown rice! I couldn't get myself to taste it, but Edu looved it.
Garbanzo pancakes with chocolate blueberry frosting! Banana, unsweetened dark cocoa powder, frozen blueberries, almond butter. whip that baby up and top on...anything. including pizza.
pizza with all the vegetables in the world, with a size of seitan strips and roasted carrots.
my new best friend in the food world: raw super chips! These taste like banana crisps, I'm super lovin' on them and so is hubby. yay!

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