March 15, 2012

Week 13: Peach Baby

Week 13
baby is the size of a peach!

struggling to feel normal, to feel happy. Evening nausea hits like clockwork. It’s icky and makes me sad. Baby, I want to meet you, I want to be joyous, I want to feel baby inside of me – all I feel is sleepy. Midwife has me taking Vitamin D supplement along with prenatal. I’m trying kale or green powder each day. I miss vegetables. Baby is the size of a peach. 3 1/2 inches long! Can suck its thumb, can get mad at mommy for eating junk food, can produce urine thanks to their kidneys, they can make mommy feel sick each night, making mommy and daddy unable to even embrace after 7:00pm. Tummy touching? Off-limits at night. Le poo...

I accidentally bought tempeh bacon instead of jus' tempeh. and the creepy part? tasted like bacon! CRAZY!
tortilla pizza with cabbage and kale "chips"
lentil burgers on sprouted bun with roasted veg and my pickle fix.

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