March 19, 2012

Week 14: Lemon Baby

Week 14
baby is the size of a lemon!

baby bump attempt!

I want to be joyous. I want to cradle my growing tummy and whisper to my growing baby that God has given me the blessing of carrying. I want to dance and sing and smile all day. I want to go for a jog, lift some weights and get my yoga on often. I want to feed this sweet baby the good stuff in abundance and not get a tummy ache shortly after.

But I'm still grumpy, I can't cradle anything except a few extra pounds on my mid-section that are not only unattractive, but rolly and squishy. The only thing I can talk to is my lack of abs, which quickly disappeared after week 7 or so, when I was too scared to continue my normal workout routine and quit doing crunches and planks (side note: those exercises are completely fine throughout pregnancy, as long as the back is supported by pillows once mommy's tummy starts to grow). I don't sing much anymore, and I only dream of dancing - like The Fitnessista who Zumba-ed through all three trimesters. I can imagine the mix of extreme fun, loving thy body and getting a good cardio workout in, would easily boost my mood and make baby grin. Le sigh. And I am more able to feed baby the good stuff as time goes on, but those gut aches always creep up after it sits in me for a few minutos. Oh week 20, let me see that belly and put on a genuine smile!


4 hours later...
Baby dislikes butternut squash macaroni with steamed kale, chunky squash bits and a side of pinto beans. That took me like 3 hours to finish. Oh baby, please enjoy it, for mommy did not.

30 minutes later....
Baby did not enjoy lunch. Burping up pinto beans wasn't joyous, neither was regretting the fact that I had two more servings of butternut squash mac in the fridge, waiting for me to eat. Oh, poo. There was a day, when I was 8 days pregnant and in Mexico visiting sweet family, where I almost dreamed of eating a warm bowl of pinto beans on a daily basis. The love I had for them was too profound to be put into words. Oh, to feel the way I used to, to feel normal and NOT on the verge of gagging whilst I take part in a bowl of beans.

Quinoa Flaxseed pizza crust and roasted veg with tomato and italian seasoning
Inspired by a meal served at a restaurant in Seattle called Chaco Canyon Cafe - incredible! Quinoa, steamed veg and a homemade thai peanut sauce with sesame seeds :)

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