March 31, 2012

Week 15.5: Orange Baby

week 15.5baby is the size of an orange!

Two weeks ago I told Edu that I had hopes of being able to start training again once the first trimester pregnancy symptoms were long out of sight and I got my strength back. That same Saturday I ran 6 miles, twice my regular once-a-week-jog distance. My hip ached, my legs yelled at me shortly after mile 4, and I felt every muscle scream for 3 straight days. Well, sort of. Nonetheless, I felt amazing and was so proud of my pregnant self pushing to do something I hadn't been motivated to do for months.

love bug and baby mama

The following weekend, I didn't have any goals in mind but to simply run. No distance planned, no time to beat, no rules. And it's a good thing all of that was decided, because I felt like poo that morning and fatigue quickly brought my run to a slow jog that was very close to turning into a walk. After about 35 minutes, I successfully finished a three mile distance and was happy and pain-free. Just ready for bed.

Yesterday I had my 16-week-or-so appt with my midwife and we chatted about nutrition (plant based advocate, yay!!), exercise, life, love and the fact that my due date is prroooobably more like the END of September this year, NOT the beginning like I (and me mum) had made myself believe. Thus, baby is just 15 weeks and 5 days old today (not 17.5) and this new energy, joy, motivation and happiness is thanks to being officially in my second trimester, and even more officially rocking phase 1 of a baby bump. Yahooo!! I am so thankful to be at this place in ye ol' pregnancy journey, THIS is what being pregnant should feel like - FUN! All I want to do is sing and dance, praise my glorious and giving God and share my feelings with the world!
Green Lake in all of its rainy glory!

Okay, okay, breathe. Midwife Melanie told me that running is great for baby and mommy, as long as I'm feeling good, and weight training is wonderful, and you CAN lie on your back. She talked about abs moves during pregnancy, how we shouldn't focus at all on our 6 pack, because 150 crunches a day is only going to separate our mid-ab muscles which is hard to reverse post-baby and that I should instead research some moves that focus on the trans-vertical muscles that go across the tummy like a thick, low belt. I nodded, and dreamed of future workouts. We also discussed nutrition. She loved my 2 day food-log and very much encouraged a plant-based diet for mommy and wee-baby and reminded me of the importance of Omega-3s and their link to the baby's brain development. Melanie told me to continue to rock the coconut oil, walnuts and flaxseed, and gave me a few handouts on other sources of these amazing fats.

Edu running and drinking Gatorade - training for The Boston Marathon requires fuel-on-the-go!
T'was wonderful, and I left the building with a huge smile on my face, running back to the truck and watching my dress flow over my tummy, revealing a glorious bump that, to me, looks like the size of a basketball. Or like I swallowed one. Or something. And todaaaay, the last day of March 2012, I ran 6 miles with that so-called basketball I recently swallowed, and felt fantastic! This time around, the hip didn't yell at me, my legs aren't complaining (yet) and I sang my favorite worship songs almost the whole time (sometimes out loud, won't lie). I couldn't wipe the grin off my face, nobody could, and I enjoyed basking in the presence of my Savior, my God, for the full 59 minutes.

wittle baby bump, GROW!

To God be the glory for this amazing week, the great run, the food I was able to eat for the first time in months, the smile and joy my husband now carries since he seems to have gotten his wife back after the dark, walking-on-thin-ice days of my first trimester. Oh Lord, 'tis so sweet to trust in You, to feel Your peace, Your love, Your presence.

Le sigh. Welcome to the end of week 15 (again? Didn't I already do this?) of pregnancy, ma' dear. Here's to eating kale salads on a regular basis again, to running, to yoga, to weight training, to blogging, to pregnant belly photoshoots, to 5K races in the near future, to smoothies again? Okay, that's shooting for the stars, but hey, this IS the second trimester, ANYTHING is possible! Even music videos with my baby bump!


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