April 19, 2012

Lazy Mama Wants to Escape

Survived yesterday, thank you Lord! If only I had been more productive once I got home. I could have fallen asleep early, maybe around 8:30. I could have worked on a post surrounding Edu's Boston Marathon experience. I could have worked on a slideshow project for my job. I could have done sooomething. But no, this baby-carrying mama decided to cook for a bit (productive), then browse marathon pics + edit a few (productive) and then go back and forth between checking my blog (waste o' time), checking my Facebook and email (already did this, waste of time), and reading other people's blogs (okay, just looking at pictures and hardly reading anything - WASTE OF TIME!).

Whew. Anyhow. Apparently I've decided to beat myself up about wasting so much time last night, especially since it was meant to be pure quality time with hubby by my side - the reason I didn't go to choir practice. We could've talked about baby, talked more about the marathon experience he had, talked about life, read a few Psalms. No? Too much to ask, lazy mama Nicole? Guess so.

I want to go for a long walk.
I want to sort out my mood.

But alas, it is training day at work during our lunch hour and I won't be leaving this building 'till 9 hours from now. Le sigh. I need to go mountain climbing with baby and hubby and talk to Jesus. Is that too much to ask? Too much to dream? Maybe so. Maybe we could just go to a park, instead. Deal. Bring on the weekend!

we eat!
go to: nataliakw.com, make this garden herb wraps. thank her. then come back here, and thank me. INCREDIBLE! like eating a pesto-burrito wrapped with a lovely collard green. this stuff is for real delicious -even to my meat-eating family and co-workers. Do it!
Only able to down half of this baby, then saved the rest for many hours later - soon I'll be able to tackle ye ol' smoothie again, I just know it.
rosemary bread, hummus, mashed avocado, raw veggies, sweet potato/yam fries straight from the oven. Incredible - but needed some ketchup from PCC Market, just sayin'

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