April 6, 2012

Pregnant Mama's 8K Race Day

Tummy ache, unintentional, so worth it. Today marks 16 weeks and 4 days of baby-in-tummy. Feeling slightly like a rock-star, eating large amounts of oatmeal in the morning, pairing it with an energy ball and maaaybe too much almond butter (is there such a thing) and gettin' that queasy feeling shortly after. But, like I said, worth it! Food is once again a delicious, fascinating creation that I much enjoy. Exercise is actually going down, too, which throws my oh-so-well-rested muscles for a loop, for sure. And tomorrow is my first 8K race with wee baby! After skipping the Love 'Em or Leave 'Em 5K in February, the St.Patrick's Day Dash in March, and my hopes and plans of the Mercer Island Half Marathon, I'm ready for some real runnin! And real runnin' I shall do :) I have been running once a week since baby was made, either 3 or 6 miles depending on how I been feeling

race recap!!!

We munched on goodies before hand, we drove and I sang in the car, giddy as a wee-child (like the wee-child in my belly?! Maaaybe!). When we arrived, I couldn't stop grinning. This would be the fourth time we both partake in this yearly run, and all the memories returned to my mind - clear as day. The weather was crisp, the sun was shining, I met up with a co-worker who was running her first 5 mile race, and nothing could bring my spirits down!

sprouted tortilla, almond butter, wheat germ, banana, chia seeds: 1.25 hours pre-race!
gatorade/h2o mix for hubby, water for mama, smoothie post race (coconut water, banana, strawberries, coconut oil, hemp seeds, carob powder, i-cant-remember-what-else), fruit, sammie for hubby!
ready, set, JOG!!
 Edu met up with a few co-workers as well, one of whom was planning on walking the 5 mile (there is also a 2 mile run on a separate trail) and the other who was hoping to break 37 minutes (ay ay ayyy!!). My only goal with this run: listen to my body, jog at a comfortable pace, walk if needed, smile often, thank God for every step, every sight, every moment of it! and that's exactly what went down. Well, with a bit of tired-leg feel, must say.

 I tried to push myself a bit, couldn't push, decided I had no reason to push, and loved the relaxing feel of the entire run! It was warm, too, more than I had imagined, so the gloves came off, my mind took my shoes and socks off as I ran through the puddles, and I longed for a bit of rain to drizzle my forehead. But of course it continued to shine beautifully, and soon enough I found myself a few minutes after the finish  - ready to run another race and ready for more heat! 
Edu ran by my side the last kilometer, it was so motivating!
mom and dad always cheering their kiddos on!
tulips for all the finishers :)
Stand still and consider the wondrous works of God.
Job 37:14  

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