April 18, 2012

Week 18: Sweet Potato Baby

18 weeks and 3 days. 
we have ourselves a sweet potato-sized baby!

Exhausted. This is how you feel after what seems like an all-nighter for your body. An all-nighter for my body is staying awake and alert past my 9pm bedtime, making banana bread, sweet potato carob muffins, and blogging 'till it's time to leave for the airport and pick up my Boston-Marathon hubby for his 11pm arrival. Exhaustion is really just a lack of sleep this morning. Not a hard working, bust-my-behind type of all-day-er, not a mentally challenging 8 hours as a receptionist, eating every up and down comment thrown at me and forgetting about the constant and faithful Shield of Christ that I have been blessed with, not that kind of exhaustion. Simply a desire for another 3 hours in bed, preferrably when it's dark outside, not so much this morning with the light shining so brightly through our window's blinds you'd think it was 12 o' clock noon on a rainy Saturday.

But I've made a decision:
today is NOT about my lack of strength or energy. It's about how FULL I am in Christ, how God's strength lives in me and it will be HIM that carries me and baby through this day. I have to depend completely on my Savior, for my flesh is weak but my spirit is energized in Him. This is my hope my prayer for today. God's will be done, baby feel good on 5 hours of quality sleep, and that the migraine I feel, wanting to say hello and make this Wednesday heavy, be gooone very soon. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Even get through one day of work on little sleep. Even smile when I feel icky. Even cook a few meals for hubby + myself for the rest of the work week, although a power nap sounds like a good idea. Even go to choir tonight at church, although I'd rather be in bed and sleeping like a rock at 7:00pm. We'll see. Here goes.

Your will be done!

we eat:
in my mind, baby is the size of this burrito: whole wheat tortilla, rice, black beans, iceberg lettuce and half an avocado. simplicity at its best! and baby loved it.

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