May 17, 2012

Week 23: Grapefruit baby!

23 weeks pregnant? Is this really happening? It has been an awesome week! There were a few *firsts* that I'm overjoyed about, exercise is back to being consistent, and all food aversions have ceased to exist. I'm feeling crazy energetic (or just crazy), having those awkward "what the heck just went through my mind?!?!" dreams, and FINALLY feeling those un-mistakable baby kicks! And I don't just mean the burp-like bubbles in my tummy, I felt a full-on kick today after (the most incredibly delicious) lunch. So dramatic it actually MOVED my hand from my gut!

Oh the joys. I can hardly type any longer before I start babbling about the most-fantastical-magical lunch I had today. Let me just dive into this story: With pregnancy has come on a new side of Nicole. Not too new, just a new-er version of what already was and has always been Nicole. This can only be explained in the following words: crazy sensitive, acts like a child, stomps her feet and says, "I don't wanna!" Nicole. This version of me comes out on Sundays, or Mondays. Maybe Tuesdays, possibly on Wednesdays... Once on a Thursday, but never on a Friday, when I am standing in my kitchen thinking about what to cook for dinner for the next couple of days. Sometimes I stand there for a full HOUR or more, but not staring blankly at the floor, I'm usually staring deeply onto a food blog, which tempts me to check Facebook for the 8th time in 5 minutes, which can lead its way to YouTube videos, which eventually makes me feel guilty, so I go back to the food blogs, hunting for recipes, hunting for inspiration, hoping for a touch of motivation - 'cause I'm just plain lazy sometimes.

Once I find an incredible recipe (or 6) I check add them to my favorites, making a mini-collection before I even think about opening the fridge. On this particular day, I was browsing the wonder that is Happy. Health. Life. and was taken aback by how beautiful the photos were, how fresh the ingredients, how simple it all really looked and how delicious I could imagine each dish tasting. I found a few pizzas (yes, please!) and a trillion burgers (oh me oh myyy) as well as desserts and salads galore! Seriously folks, this website is a gem. Please make friends with it! I decided to make friends with the thought of:

cashew ricotta
basil-loaded pesto
thinly slice tomatoes &
whole wheat hempseed crust

who wouldn't want to tackle that pizza pie? Mind you, it was around 8:00pm at the time, since I had spent so much "quality time" (lies) sitting on my behind staring at the computer screen. But I was motivated, I was inspired, I had a hankering for a new take on pizza. So I tackled it.  Cashews were soaked, fresh basil was sitting on my dining room table, and all the ingredients were just waiting to be messed with. So I did it. And I was blown away.

Dive into her recipe here. Eat with your eyes here:

In other news, green juice has finally made its way back into my life, after what feels like 18 years of being disgusted by the stuff. My favorite, or as I call it, the "classic" green juice here in the Carrillo casa is as follows: half lemon, peeled only partially, one orange, peeled, one apple, a knob of fresh ginger, 1 cup cold water, 4 giant kale leaves, handful of spinach leaves. hooray! It's delicious, very refreshing, and if we had an orange tree (and didn't spend $10 a week on Costco oranges, which gets to be pretty pricey!) I would add about 3 oranges total, 'cause the citrus is delicious! 

I've also been trying to be more creative with salads, the following is from Happy, Healthy, Life, as well, and was made by ripping up kale leaves, tosses them with tomato, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, apple, and I added bell pepper (mistake? hmmm). the dressing was apple cider vinegar, sunflower oil (my tahini subsitute), some maple syrup and...I can't remember what else. It actually was pretty awful, because I'm pretty sure I should have stuck to the original recipe, but I wanted to be creative! Anyway, I found that inside of a giant Ezekiel tortilla with some avocado and mustard - it was golden delicious! Hooray for not having to toss an entire head of kale!!

 Other bites and goodies have come from Post Punk Kitchen's blog. This woman is amazing! Her recipes are completely practical - which we all want and need when swapping to whole, plant-based meals, and I almost always have all the ingredients on hand - so no crazy substituting has to go down - assuring 100% that's-how-it's-supposed-to-taste flavor, and even hubby is loving these meals! The following are lentil no-meatballs (from her "Spaghetti-Nos With Mini Lentil Meatballs" recipe) with store bought sauce and whole wheat pasta. Super filling and magnificent and Italian and meatballs.

 Whew! Happy 23 weeks old, baby, thanks for letting mama eat all her plants again!

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