May 24, 2012

Week 24: Burger Addiction?

Week 24
Baby is the size of a cantaloupe!

This is the story of a girl who loves herself a really, really, good burger. Not just any burger you find tossed onto the sidewalk, partially wrapped and partially eaten. But a real gem of a burger. A mixture of beans, spices, dried herbs, and bread crumbs make with oat flour. A burger pattie sitting gently between two toasted Ezekiel sprouted buns, with mashed avocado, sauteed bell pepper, pickle, mustard, shredded cabbage and a serrano chili on the side. This is my idea of the perfect burger. This is what I have consumed more times than I can even imagine throughout this pregnancy. This is burger madness, welcome to the party.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Post Punk Kitchen's website and was drawn to the title of a recipe that went a little something like this: Quarter Pounder Beet Burger. How could that not tempt a plant-eater looking to be creative? I kind of jumped up and down, actually. I had just purchased some lovely purple beets from the local Farmer's Market (syke. From the grocery store, actually. I just want to sound fancy and pretend I'm writing a book) and the idea of shredding them and stuffing them into a veggie burger grabbed my attention. Especially their beauty! Go to her website, check out the snapshot on that guy and try to convince yourself not to make it - impossible I say.

So I grabbed all the ingredients (or most of them anyway, we all know Nicole and her habit (and love) for substituting in the name of being convenient and not having to go to the grocery store for 7 new items she's never heard of before just for the sake of 1 new recipe - absurd!) and went to work in the kitchen. I even decided that I would use fresh garlic + onion in the patties for a true burger taste - even though I usually avoid those fellas and stick with the dry versions so my hubby won't need to avoid his wifey for 4 days at a time since the smell of garlic and onion on her breath makes him sick! And guess what? After I had the patty mix put together (and placed it in the fridge for it to settle) he said it smelled SO good! Why, you ask? If he hates those smells? Because it smelled like a REAL authentic burger!

So the recipe is really simple, and the seasonings and spices are perfect - so try not to let those slide. You can use a patty disc-like apparatus to make the perfect patty, and you could also bake these bad boys, but I formed the patties with my hands and placed them in some coconut oil in a pan and they turned out awesome. You just gotta make them BIG and take your time to mold 'em into a grand circle with flat edges (or a square with round edges, to each his own I s'pose). They browned pretty nicely, and once they cooled off in a dish I placed most in the freezer and a few in the fridge for within-the-week consumption.

My oh my, they were wild with flavor! It was a bit silly to my taste buds to taste the sweetness of beets with such a savory burger experience, but I was so fascinated by it all and quickly fell in wuv. So give these burgers a chance, whether or not you are a fan of beets. You will be pleasantly surprised! And hey, if you hate them you can always throw them in a box with some freezer packs and mail them to me. I'm always a fan of recycled veggie burgers.

One more thing: preheat your oven to 425*, cut up a large amount of sweet potatoes/yams into french fries, microwave them in a glass dish with a little water for 3 minutes, toss them with a hint of coconut oil and bake them on a parchment-lined baking sheet for about 12 mins each side, or until they transform into crispy and golden delights. Serve with your burger, and smile the whooole time! Oh amazin'.

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