May 27, 2012

The Baby and Jesus!

"Approach each day with a desire to find Jesus. Before you get out of bed, God has already been working to prepare the path that will get you through this day. There are hidden treasures in each day: some of them are trials, others are blessings that reveal His presence (the trees, the sun, friends, family, answered prayer). God has not abandoned this sin-filled world; He is still richly present in it. Search for deep treasure as you go through this day. You will find Christ Jesus along the way."

Sarah Young, Jesus Calling.

Struggling, like any human with a desire to follow Christ, to focus on my Savior. This world pushes and pulls at my emotions, it's distracting and over-stimulating. The only rock I can stand firm on is Christ, my Lord and God. Maker of this entire universe! But such a crazy world we have made it, I can hardly breathe sometimes.

Almost 25 weeks pregnant, feeling like I swallowed a soccer ball and it's making the simplest tasks ("pick up that pencil you just dropped!") so awkward. I'm so ready to meet this baby, it's hard to comprehend the incredibly blessing we have growing inside of me. A real human being with LIFE, will soon greet us and the rest of the world. Part hubby from Mexico City, part myself from Washington state, part our parents, our parent's parents... But overall, created in God's image just like we were! It's so beautiful. Such an emotional ride, and I'm so thankful for God's consistency and constant presence. He's the only stability I have.

sweet bundle of baby joy at 21 weeks gestation :)
"So God created man in His own image. In the image of God He created him; male and female He created them." Genesis 1:27

and I don't want to be a grumpy mommy-to-be! Kids are amazingly intelligent, and they copy everything they see, and they see pretty much everything their parents do - so I gotta get my act together and really dedicate more time to Christ! The only way any Spiritual growth is going to happen in my life is if I am in His Word daily, meditating on it and even memorizing verses. I know how important this is, I'm sure all believers do, but I still put so many things ahead of bible time. I check my Facebook and email numerous times, even browse blogs for a good amount of time - and trust me, I'm in no way filled or satisfied by them! Entertained? Yes. Wasting time? For the most part.

That's why it's so easy for me to get lost in the daydream of a moment ALONE with Christ, on a mountain top, or in a forest, or anywhere but where I am 7 days a week - to just grow, to pray, to think. But even when I have free time during the week, I don't immediately think: Jesus time! I usually think: let's make muffins! And, well, there isn't anything wrong with muffin time - I'm just sayin' - I need to re-organize my priorities for real.

Even if we can't pass on the love for running to this baby, I pray we can share Christ's love with him/her daily, in all that we do and say!
 That's my prayer. This is my desire. I hope Edu and I can pass this onto baby. All I want is for them to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and their form Rock, for them to find true and satisfying Peace in His Word, and refuge in His constant presence . Oooh goodness me, how I long to see their face already! It's all so incredible!

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  1. Love your blog! I'm a faithful new follower!

    Congrats on the pregnancy! What a blessing. I can't wait until I'm healthy enough to have a child!