May 15, 2012

Green Monster Dilemmas

Oh, to the Green Monsters in-a-bowl:

Baby isn't a fan of green monsters, and I'm 23 weeks pregnant. You'd think that all that was the first trimester and its symptoms would be outta sight by now. One would hope that, since 99.9% of foods are sounding good again, a green monster would hit the spot just fine. But this is a myth in my case, it just simply isn't true. I don't know which part of the smoothie turns me (and/or baby) off: the greens? The fruit over-load? The portion size (size of a 15lb baby)? What's going on?

All I know is, throughout this pregnancy I have downed about 6 of these smoothies. One, without greens, was tolerable. One, consumed at around 6 weeks of pregnancy, with greens and the works, made me so nauseated I ate half a pack of saltines to keep myself from getting sick. Another, just recently, got so thick from the chia seeds and flax sitting in it, that I could hardly sip it through a straw. And by the time I got the hang of sipping it down, I was sick of it, the flavors didn't like me and I didn't like them much, either.

There have been, however, a few smoothies that I tolerated and embraced. I grinned from ear to ear afterwards, happy that baby and mama both handled their breakfast bomb of vitamins and greens. But what did I do different in the blender with those guys, compared to the others? I may never know.

All I know is: I want me my smoothies back. It's a simple breakfast, it's filling, satisfying, rich, delicious, and wonderful. So here's to the third trimester - although you feel mighty far away, I have hope for the green beasts again. I have hope. Hope. Hope. Le sigh.

Maybe I should just stick to oatmeal and pancakes...

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  1. Aw, I would miss those smoothies too!!! Hopefully you'll be able to eat them soon! Hmm I wonder if there is a certain ingredient that is causing problems... like maybe leave out nut butter? or try a different green?