May 6, 2012

How to: Have an Incredible Weekend

The last weekend of April was an incredible blessing. We had plans, I was okay with them not going just as we had planned, and I was darn right excited for it all. It was a weekend filled with family, fun, food, fitness, and Jesus. Pure joy. Pure bliss. And I want to share how easy it is to have an incredible weekend in the Carrillo family, in just a few simple steps.

one: go for a run, go for a walk, go enjoy Green Lake
two: enjoy the zoo with your spouse, see a lot of babies, a lot of animals, and a lot of pregnant woman.
three: eat snacks in the car, as you drive to the most fabulous restaurant in the entire world. or in Seattle. or in all Washington.
four: consume your *second* raw vegan meal prepared by rad-zolla people in an earth-loving restaurant.
five: drive home, fall asleep in the car from the long day
six: babysit a 5 year old, even though you're exhausted, then fall asleep on their couch while the child is asleep.
seven: go to church the next morning, fill up with Spiritual food, praise GOD
eight: invite family over for dinner, eat amaaazing chili from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan's cookbook, paired with a simple, but massively delicious cornbread, and a mayo-free coleslaw that looks like rainbows.
nine: go for a walk with your mom, your sister, and your sister's dog. chat, grow together, exercise for almost 5 kilometers of love.
ten: clean the house, sleep. after making a version of "hamburger helper" made with tempeh, rice noodles, a cheesy nooch sauce and glorious seasoning, from the recipe archives of Post Punk Kitchen.

whew. feast your eyes:

I think I'm showing.


Chaco Canyon Cafe. Endulge.
hubby's pick: black bean pattie with veganaise, avocado, mango salsa and soup.
baby and mama's pick: tuna-less sandwich "Amazing raw sandwich made with buckwheat-flax raw flatbread, sunflower seed ‘tuna’ pate, cucumbers & sprouts, and served with our tasty house salad." (from their website) INCREDIBLE!
how to: mini-house party.


  1. You're looking so lovely! You're positively glowing :)