May 2, 2012

Loving the Belly Band

There came a point, at about 17 weeks into this pregnancy, where my dresses started to feel a bit snug. So I bought a few new ones from Ross and called it good. I went for the "I'm stretchy, I love growing body parts, and I'll hug your good curves and be tight in juuust the right places, oh and you can be pregnant even though I'm not from the maternity section of the store" type of dresses. They were luscious, delightful, and made me feel like a beautiful pregnant woman ("or, wait, is she pregnant or just bloated?" most would say at that point).

Then came the issue of dress pants at work. We have a no-jeans no-yoga pants policy where I work (pediatricians office) so as much as I wanted to switch to 100% leggings, skirts and dresses, sometimes the weather didn't allow that. And, the fact that I didn't own a combination of 15 skirts and dresses, well, I was looking a bit frumpy (and so were the new dresses) from wearing the same outfit every four days or so. One day, I decided it was time to attempt one of my looser pairs of dress pants. I left them unbuttoned, grabbed a hair tie, and pulled the whole "tie this part around the button, through the loop and back around the button" trick on my pants. It worked for a bit, and by a bit I mean for about an hour, before I decided it was TIME  - time to purchase my first pair of maternity pants.

*blank "tank top" in photo edited for the sake of the children that see this website. teehee!
So to Target we went, my mumsy and I, in search for a decent pair of maternity dress pants. We found them, along with something that some of you may already be friends with or have been once or twice in your life: a belly band. I liked the idea of not replacing all of my jeans, shorts and pants, and buying one pair of the pricey maternity pants and then using the band for everything else.

And it was pure bliss. Well, the maternity pants were unbelievably comfortable but were also pretty ding dang dong expensive. But the belly band, t'was bliss - so I returned to work with my normal dress pants, all unbuttoned and awkward, and gave the belly band a try. Oh amazing. The pants didn't move a bit, I felt like my entire tummy was being given a sweet hug by a fancy piece of black fabric. I returned the maternity pants, and fell deeply in love with the belly band.

Embrace it.
Unbutton your jeans.
and push your gut out all you want.

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  1. One of my besties is 8 months pregnant and she still hasn't bought any maternity clothes. She uses her belly band for everything and it is amazing. I can't believe how brilliant those are!