May 4, 2012

A *Surprise* Almost 22 week Ultrasound!

Goodness me! A lot has changed in the past 24 hours. And no, it isn't because we found out the gender of our baby (mama + mama's mama were good and looked away from the monitor, but the baby's papa decided to stare directly at the screen the entiiiire time the technician told us to look away since the gender was going to be revealed!), but it IS because my due date was pushed to September 10th! (baby was told to arrive around September 17th based off of my second ultrasound at 9-ish weeks gestation) anddd we got to see the baby dance, wiggle, flip, cover he/she's face with their hands, cross their ankles, and my mom even saw the wee-one (or should I say GIANT almost a FULL POUND baby!!) open and close his/her mouth!

I'm amazed, and in awe at the gift our Lord has given us with this life inside of my belly. I know neither of us deserve such a huge blessing, and yet God gives, and gives, and gives. He's so full of grace and love, and so worthy of Praise!! Thank You, Father!!

Baby Carrillo's Photoshoot:

It was an amazing time to spend with my mom and my hubby boy. I could have stayed there all morning, staring at our little bundle who is almost the size of a papaya (sweet cheeks that's huge!) as the tech lady moved that funny wand all over my lower belly. Seeing the 10 toes, 10 fingers, cute wittle lips, button nose, hands over their face, entire body flipping around - fills a soon-to-be-mommy, soon-to-be-daddy, and soon-to-be-grandma with a lot of joy. I would have had my entire family there with us - live streaming of the 30+ minute ultrasound for everyone to enjoy, woulda, coulda, shoulda. But it was mega special to have just my mom and love bug husband there! Like a special screening of a brand new movie, just for us.

And although Edu didn't take his eyes off the monitor for even half a second, especially when he heard the technician say, "okay, now I'm moving down between the baby's legs, look away..." or, "okay, baby is really exposing themselves, do. not. look at the screen." - he claims to have no idea what the baby's gender is. He said, "well, I thought I saw a..... but then it looked more like a...." and claims to be "more confused than ever". But the scary (tempting) part of it all: we have a CD of the entire ultrasound, in our possession, just screaming to be watched. This, of course, would reveal the gender, but also fill our hearts with even more LOVE for the baby since we could watch his/her first "home video" over, and over, and over again. It just makes it all feel so much more real! 

I'm still not feeling baby much. Tech said the placenta is smack dab in the front of my uterus, so it could very well be used as a cushion when baby gives me little (or fierce) kicks. But after the fruit test we played on them in the living room the other day, we're pretty sure we felt a whole-lotta movement. But oh man, I (we) are so excited to see and feel the baby move in there! It feels like  you wait 9 years for the bump to finally pop, then you wait another 16 for the first super noticeable kicks!

fruit test: eat a high in sugar snack (fruit, fruit juice) and lie on your back. Place your hands on your lower abdomen and wait. Baby goes jolly crazy from the sugar and you're sure to feel a little somethin'! 

anywho. it was a grand morning. and baby is almost 22 weeks old.

praise God from whom all blessings flow, and flow, and flow some more.

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