May 8, 2012

Week 22: Papaya Baby

Week 22 (and 2 days)
Baby is the size of a papaya
that's around 10.5 inches, insanity!

I can't believe we're already at week 22, and since tomorrow is Wednesday, meaning the week is almost over, we might as well be at week 23! It's so incredible how fast time is going by, how quickly my clothes aren't fitting anymore, and how much food I can fit in my growing belly. I've been quite a food beast this past week, eating everything I can imagine cooking, enjoy it intensely, and craving some more. I've also been able to exercise regularly, including running and weight lifting, both challenging in their own ways. And I feel amazing! Well, I'm kind of an emotional wreck, but physically and spiritually I am feeling in tip-top happy shape. No, spiritually I am always growing and praying for something deeper, hoping to grow stronger in my faith. So, I guess I just feel like a rock star on the physical aspect of things.

Where's the baby? So after the ultrasound last Friday, I've been a little comforted in why I'm not feeling this baby: the placenta is smack dab in the middle of my tummy, as if a large pillow is on the other side of my belly button, attached to the uterus. But at the same time, why can't I feel this baby almost at all? I've had the slight flutters, a few exciting moves deep down, but nothing that screams "I'm a baby! I'm REAL! sing me songs and talk to me!" and it's kinda bumming me out. If I were still in the first trimester, or anywhere earlier than 22 weeks pregnant, I'd be okay with it, like I have been up until this week. But the crazy side of me compares myself to other pregnant girlies around their 22 weeks, who are almost alllll feeling their babies actually KICK and I feel.... let down. I know, girl has gotta be patient. But still. C'mon baby! Kick mami, won't cha? 

jicama hashbrowns! jicama, coconut oil, salt n' pepper, paprika and the magic of a fry pan! with unsweetened ketchup on the side - goodness me, so delicious! ate the entire jicama!
Let's bump this business: so I am usually in photo-mood right after I get ready for work each morning. Unfortunately, this is the only time that my hubby isn't available (out on a run, still in bed, or in a hurry like I sometimes am) and I'm not loving on the camera's 10-second timer option. So I don't have proof that I actually wear real clothes, cute maternity tops and skirts, or anything besides tank tops and running bottoms. This being said, I've only been taking those 10-second timer photos on Saturdays and haven't gotten really awesome growth photos this past week. I posted a photo of where the belly is at on last week's *surprise* 22 week ultrasound post, but this is the official 22 week update - so I'm in need of the backup photos. Meaning: you get to see the awkward Saturday snapshots. But since we're at the half way mark, I decided to make things special and rock a slideshow - and by "slideshow" I really mean a WATCH MY BELLY GROW! movie. Grab some popcorn, and enjoy.

In midwife news: I completely messed up on recapping my last appointment with my midwife! For those who aren't sure on what's going down in the "is she seeing an OBGYN?" or "what hospital is she giving birth at?" part of this pregnancy, I'll give a little summary. After talking to a few friends at work, hubby and I decided on seeing a midwife for all the prenatal appointments instead of an OB doc. I had already gone to the doctor's office and seen the nurse practitioner for the initial ultrasound, as well as a second visit for the second ultrasound since we weren't as far along the first time as we had thought. During this second appointment, I was only with the radiology technician for the first part and then was introduced to my doctor, who waved, or shook my hand, or neither (can't remember), said her name, said "everything looks good" and left the room. Superb. I wasn't expecting her to hug me, give me a massage, or ask about how my walk with Jesus was going or anything, but I wasn't blown away by her friendliness, either. And there wasn't a rad connection, it was more awkward than anything. So I was happy that Edu and I were, on the side, thinking of switching to a midwife group of gals and seeing them for the rest of the appointments. 

After much consideration, a meet-and-greet with Seattle midwives, and even more consideration, we decided to transfer to the midwife side. It's been absolutely wonderful, and exciting, and rad each visit. We talk about everything baby, everything mommy, and everything else. They encourage exercise (yes, running, and yes, weight lifting, and no, it isn't bad to lie on your back and no, you don't have to stop all exericse and stick to walking for 9 months and...ah, sigh of relief!) and they are 100,000% for a plant-based vegan diet. They helped me with supplements needed throughout pregnancy, we've talked a lot about nutrition and baby's needs, and they support out of hospital births - which brings me to my next paragraph.

We have decided to have a home birth. I wrote about what we learned while filling out brains with information on this subject on this post. And one of the reason we hadn't told anyone except for immediate family members was because everyone. has. an. opinion. about this, and 99.9% of the time, it is a negative opinion and I didn't care to hear it. After watching The Business of Being Born, hearing about other women's homebirth (and birthing center) experiences, we were sold on it. And I've been so excited ever since! We know this is in God's hands and whatever happens, however and wherever we give birth to this sweet baby, will be part of His plan for us. And it's crazy exciting to know that giving birth is not some traumatic experience that women have to fear, it doesn't have to be intervened by a large group of surgeons (that's what obstetricians are) and it is supposed to be felt - we're made to birth! Anyhow. The Business of Being Born film sums it up a lot better than I ever could, so go watch it. 

At our last appointment, I brought my hubby along the ride for the first time. The plan was to go over all of our birthing questions - and we had a good handful that had come from our own brains as well as my mom's brain. It's good to ask questions, and I brought a notebook, pen, and list of them with us that morning. We were given a list of items needed for home birth (including old towels, lots of things you find around the home, and a birthing kit you can purchase online) and a few things to think about, then we brought up our questions:
*who do you want present during the birth? (in the room, in the home)
*have you thought about birthing classes?
*which place in your home will the birth take place?

*will you rent a tub for a waterbirth?

how soon do you cut the umbilicol cord? we want to wait until it stops pulsing, then snip it. the midwife says at the homebirths they attend, they leave it attached until the placenta is birthed. I love this idea, because it just makes me feel good knowing every little bit of oxygen and goodness is going straight to baby and isn't being hurried to cut off like I'm so used to seeing! 

what is done if mom begins to bleed (risk of hemorrhage)? the oxytocin in the body and breast feeding, which produces more oxytocin work together to help the uterus' open wound (that is, what the placenta leaves behind after detaching) close. the midwife has medicine and necessary items in case of bleeding, and are very trained in what to do to stop the bleeding.

what about breech baby? the midwife looks at the baby's position throughout the third trimester. if positioning is feet/butt down they use many methods to turn baby around, including acupuncture and a list of exercises that help the baby rotate. And if baby is still breech when it's time to birth, they would not deliver the baby but have mom brought to hospital - then a cesarean would be performed. There are doctors and midwives that are trained in delivering breech babies, but my midwife only knows of one midwife in the area that does it, and trying to find a doctor when I'm ready to push this baby out is not a fun search - so we'd definitely just head to the hospital in this case! 

how long is "too long" of a labor? I asked this question because I know that a huge reason OBs go to the drugs and even, sadly, cesarean options with a laboring mom is because the labor is just too long and heck - they have a business to keep going! They need your room, they need you to hurry it up. And even if you and your baby are fine - they can very well make it sound like the "next step" (medication, cesarean, crazy things) is simply for the good of the baby and mom, nothing more. Lame-o! Anyhow. Midwife responded: if mom and baby are doing well (they check baby's heart throughout entire birth) there is no reason to speed things up. The number ONE thing that makes preggo mom's transfer from home (or birthing center) to a hospital is simply because they are exhausted and wants help. So, as long as mom-to-be is feeling okay, and baby is doing fine, this labor will continue, and continue, and continue some more, in your home.

Anywho. Love being pregnant. Would love to be more emotionally stable. Hoping to feel baby kick me soon. And excited for the future! Off to read about the Bradley Method, birthing classes, and all we have left to do before baby arrives! 


  1. Oh girl, I am so excited about you guys decision for a home birth! I haven't decided yet what I will want to do when the time comes, but I really love the idea of things going naturally without heavy medication. :)

  2. WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! Oh my goodness congrats darling!! Im a little late to the party I guess :)

  3. I love this! I totally want to do the Bradley method and I want to have a home birth with a midwife and a doula. :)

    We're just short on midwives in my area, so I'm going to trust God to provide a means!

    Loving this blog!