May 31, 2012

Week 25: Cauliflower Baby

Week 25!
Baby is the size of a cauliflower!

Am I really 25 weeks pregnant? Do I really have less than 4 months of this rad, out-of-body (even though it's a very in-the-body) experience? It's been a fabulous week, praise God! I'm a little sleepy, which I've been loving - since it makes sleep feel like the hugest blessing God has given to man. But it also makes AM workouts seem not as rich as AM sleeping in (the bed wins more often than not). Translate that to: Nicole's muscles are growing back slowly, but surely, and I'll take it! Baby is kicking mommy like maaaad, too! Which I can't even believe, because it was something I feel like I waited 5 years for. & food has been tasting really good, I have ZERO food aversions except banana every once n' a while.

The banana dilemma: Why could that be? That bananas cause my insides to churn and turn and thump? Did my body decide to go all "banana intolerance" on me? Is it because I used to eat 3 a day, and that had to be taken away from me? I doubt it's their sugary content, 'cause I'm eating dates and raw vegan cakes (made with dates) often, bro. But something in ye ol' faithful banana really messes with my insides during the day. I eat one, with or without almond butter (the case used to be that if I ate the nanners with a yummy fat like a nut butter or some seedy delight they'd feel better in my tummy) and within 10 minutes or so I get hit with a wave of nausea mania. This is the reason I still can't make fruity smoothies for bfast! And it makes me slightly sad... Interesting, though: if I eat a banana with some walnuts early in the AM and follow it with a green juice, or eat a 'nanna with cereal in the PM and then brush mai teeth shortly after, I'm totally fine and experience nada of nausea. Oh, the human body and its wonders!

Exercise has been random, but feels SO good when I do it! Running has felt more natural (ha! Oh, yeah, by running I mean jogging) and I've been able to last four to five delicious miles each time in this trimester. I tackled some 6-milers in the first trimester, but they were so inconsistent and based off of feeling-like-a-rockstar moments mixed with push-the-body-till-it-screams moments, which are unnatural and too up n' down for me. So four to five is my happy mileage number as of now! And I purchased another prenatal workout DVD: vinyasa yoga flow (also known as: squatting for 15 minutes at a time and having to "breathe through it and picture yourself holding your sweet baby" to prepare your body for labor and the pain on the way while distracting yourself with beautiful daydreams of your baby). It is an intense little 75 minute workout, I must say. This isn't a game for children, or for vinyasa newbies (like me), or for the "let's do yoga for fun!" folks. It's for real, no giggles or jokes, not enough downward facing dogs and child poses if you ask me (ha! Yoga joke!). I sweat, I whined a few times. And I felt like superwoman when I turned it off. Surprisingly, the muscles didn't yell at me the following day, meaning it was pure stretching and strengthening goodness! Will do again. Must do again. Loved it.

Oh, the nursery? What's that? We haven't done anything. We haven't purchased anything. We did, however, go to yesterday and check out the baby registery items. We have no idea where to start, what to purchase, what to ask for, or which item is the best of its kind. Car seats? Strollers? Cribs? A rocking chair? Diaper changing table? Drawer for baby's clothes? Clothes in general? We're definitely first timers in this parenting business! Reading other girls' blogs has helped mucho (Baby Kerf, Healthy Tipping Point, Fitnessista) but I'm still just sitting here. Twiddling my thumbs. Maybe it'll wait 'till trimester numbah 3. Then we might, just miiiight, look at a crib or something. We're such great procrastinators! I think we deserve a gold star.

Oh, the nightly, occur-without-fail, potty breaks. So, I have heard plenty of this happening: your baby is growing, causing pressure on your bladder and the constant urge to run to the bathroom. That, mixed with the lovely and fascinating fact that the amniotic fluid surrounding baby flushes itself and is replaced 3 times a day (or so I've read... somewhere between and Fit Pregnancy magazines) - so that causes me to pee even mooore often. Thirdly, we cannot forget the fact that pregnancy has made my body temp sky rocket, so I'm warm, thirsty, chugging down large amounts of water, and having to visit ye ol' bathroom more, and more, and some more. So yes, there is a good chance that pregnancy is causing me to wake in the wee-hours of the night, more than once, for a crazy potty break.

Feeling this baby kick and punch, or elbow me with fiery passion, is one of the most incredible miracles I've ever experienced. At first, around 22 weeks or so, I couldn't even believe what I had felt. The lightest thud low in my abdomen felt surreal and I found myself ignoring it often. How is this really a living, breathing, growing baby? How do I know it isn't just my insides doing their job and digesting breakfast? Then, a few weeks ago, the first true KICK occurred. My hand had already been resting on my baby bump, since I had just finished lunch (Happy. Healthy. Life.'s cashew ricotta with pesto pizza) and I was feeling stretched out and huge. Then-out of no where- the baby kicks or punches SO hard that my hand moved! It was scary, to be honest, I immediately felt like the poor baby was uncomfortable, or angry for some reason. It was violent business, man! Beautiful, violent business. After the initial moment of shock and surprise, I wanted it to happen again and again. But of course baby had other plans, and didn't do a thing for 3 weeks. Silly baby. The kicks are occurring a lot more often these days, so much so that I can feel three full kicks in the same spot, grab my hubby's attention + his hand, place it on my belly, and he can joyously feel a few kicks himself. It turns us into the happiest pair you'd ever see.

Baby kicks: a sure fire way to make two grown ups genuinely smile, giggle, and grin uncontrollably. Oh pregnancy!

We Eat:
homemade seitan sammie with pickle, mustard, spinach and roasted broccoli!
Quinoa with sauteed veggies and an unpictured raw vegan thai peanut sauce, oh my deliciousness!
pinto beans with hubby's co-worker's magical mole sauce, sprouted corn tortillas, raisin n' carrot cabbage slaw
Quinoa Almond muffins!
Snobby Joes with lentils, cabbage leave, bell pepper and homemade breads.

"Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my right hand." Isaiah 41:11 

 thank You, Lord! Your promises are SO amazing!

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