June 24, 2012

Seattle Rock N' Roll Half Marathon

Happy marathon and half marathon day weekend! On this past lovely Saturday in the Carrillo household, baby and mama were able to cheer on papa as he ran his 9,000th half marathon on the streets of Seattle (okay, so he's done this particular race 3 times, once for the full marathon and twice for the half - but I truly couldn't even start to count how many times he's ran 13 miles, either in race mode or just for "fun").

It was such a fabulous morning! We woke up at 4:30 am and commenced the day. I thought I was going to be exhausted since this week has been packed-full of sleepiness (third trimester joy?) but I was so awake and so excited to watch my love bug as he prepped for race day. We packed the following foods: 3 quinoa brown rice muffins (see recipe here courtesy of Veganomicon) with homemade fig jam (dried figs, banana, water and orange zest) and almond butter for hubs, buckwheat cereal for me, oranges, bananas, and a mini-larabar for snacking.

Thankfully we arrived pretty early and Edu was able to do some warm ups and jogging before the start. He was a lucky duck and found himself in corral 1 of the first wave (there were more than 40 corrals, people had to wait such a long time to start - insanity!) so he was off right at 7:00am. Mama, papa and I hung out by the finish line which was right around the corner from the start. For some reason time flew by and the first half-marathon finishers arrived so quickly! We did a little walking to and from the car, a bathroom break or two, and some chit-chatting, but honestly I don't know where time went 'cause we only had to wait 20 minutes or so for the first placers to appear.

First place was a fella that finished in one hour and six minutes - so stinkin' fast for 13 miles. Pre-pregnancy, I had never reached the big 13, but I did run 10 (while training for my first half, that ended up in me being injured before the actual race) and calculating my pace I'd say I could finish a half marathon in just around 2 hours. So the fact that these guys finish the race more than 50 minutes earlier than I do puts things into perspective for me!

Anywho I was testing out our new camera and taking snapshots of the finishers, while counting each one since Edu hoped to be in the top 50 overall. I really wanted to end up with awesome pictures of my love bug as he came to the finish, but of course I got really excited when I saw him from afar (in the top 35!) and ended up taking pretty lame-o photos. I'm extremely skilled at accidentally cutting off his legs in pictures, as well as forgetting to center him in the shot. Oh the joys of learning photography!!


He looked amazing when he finished, like he had just jogged a 10K around the lake or something. We ran to him and, although we were separated from the finishers by a fence, shouted his name and took pictures of him like true paparazzi family members do! He was smiling from ear to ear, talking to the guys that finished right before and right after him, all patting each other's backs like they're old college buddies and congratulating each other. So much love!

Edu says he feels very good about the race in general. He was hoping to break 1 hour and 20 minutes for this race, but is pleased with his official time of 1:21:09 and placed in #38 of over 14,000 people! The humidity was at 100% (no lies) but thankfully clouds didn't let the sun shine too hard on the runners, and they avoided raining like crazy, as well. The spectators (us) enjoyed decent temps and sun breaks while we waited for our loved ones.

Awesome business: the first place finisher of the full marathon lives in our neighborhood! Edu has passed by him on leisurely runs in the early morning hours, as well as during training season(s). It was cool to see a local win the big race!

Oh, baby and I were exhausted after the race. I know we only watched, but goodness me, I felt like we had run at least a 5K - uphill or something. But hey, that counts as my Saturday workout, no? I tried doing some prenatal yoga once we got home, unfortunately my body wasn't even able to stretch, so I ended up hanging out on the couch all day with hubby. It was blissful.

Happy half marathoner, love of my life!

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  1. Aw, you got some great pics of the hubby, Nicole!! He looks awesome!