June 6, 2012

Week 26: Iceberg Lettuce Baby

Week 26
Baby is the size of a head of lettuce!

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Jesus Christ. Philippians 4:7

His peace really is the only thing that holds me and my hubby together. He is the reason I am not anxious about being a mommy for the first time, I am not worried about this pregnancy and the unknowns it holds, I trust HIM completely! And it's such a joy, truly, to feel such peace as we try to imagine the future. Our finances, our relationship, or parent skills or lack there of, are in His precious hands. His will be done over our will, His ways greater than ours, His promises of Peace comfort us so much!

Happy 26 weeks, sweet baby peanut. And by peanut, I really mean to compare you to the size of a mini-elephant. The baby is growing so quickly! I'm starting to feel his/her weight in front of me, wanting to hold my tummy often and speak to them in a baby voice. I would love to see them on an ultrasound - if only they were free and a weekly occurrence! But alas, I'm not sure when the next one will be, IF in fact there is a "next one" and we all know they are well and present on the medical bill. Le sigh, suppose we are to wait until baby is born to see their sweet face!

waffles from Healthy Exposures (almond milk instead of Greek yogurt) and frozen strawberries, almond butter n' coconut!
beet, carrot, orange juice from the Blendtec!
 My lower back hurt for the first time yesterday, then again throughout the day today. It was strange at first, then I took it as a glorious blessing - it means I'm truly pregnant and truly carrying a baby inside of me! I then took it as a hint that this body needs its yoga: mainly the cat-cow, hands and knees on the floor, back wavy like, amazing prenatal yoga move that is SUPER recommended to do on a daily basis AND during labor to relieve back pain and push baby down the birth canal. In other words: the best move, since squats, to prepare the lady and her parts for child birth. A true gem, my friends.

Pizza babe: tomato, zucchini, pineapple, bell pepper, tofu with italian seasoning, red pepper flakes + a crust made with whole wheat flour, flaxmeal and hemp seeds!
Creamy broccoli soup consisting of: broccoli, leek, water, salt, pepper and coconut oil. homemade bread made into croutons on top! Recipe from Runners World's website, I believe!

Face mask? My mumsy saw me at work today and asked me why my face was red, asked if I had been crying. She looked concerned and nervous and I felt awkward in denying any crying going down (which it didn't) because anyone who just got done crying and is asked if they were crying has to deny it or else they'll start crying again. And I sounded like a guilty cry-face trying to hide my true feelings! I had just consumed a super tart kiwi that I thought may have given me a pink face along with a pair of very chapped lips - maybe baby gave me a kiwi allergy, no? But she touched my nose and my cheeks and said they looked pink as daisies (not quoting her on that one, just adding my own descriptive words to make the story more alive!). And I was left a little self conscious but a lot unaffected I guess because less than 10 seconds later I forgot about the entire conversation.

Raw PIE! Crust: almonds, cocoa powder, dates, salt + insides: cashews (soaked), dates, blueberries and vanilla - oh. my. incredibly delicious.

 Then I made my way to the lunch room to grab my belongings and get on outta that workplace, and a lovely co-worker (who's due date is a month before mine!) Told me to come hither and said my nose was super pink. I told her the mumsy scandal some 10 minutes ago and she said I'm having a boy! I said, you's crazy, in my mind or something. And she said it's a pregnancy thing! So I'm rocking this delightful face mask and hoping I don't make co-workers uncomfortable because of it. It'd be GREAT if everyone didn't think I had been crying in the bathroom like a wee mouse, trying to handle my feelings or something.

Oh joys! let's continue staring at food!
split pea soup! lemon, lemon zest, split peas, water and onion bits! Smelled like feet but tasted like YUUMMM goodness + especially with a slice of toasted breads, man.
brown rice, tofu, nutritional yeast, bell pepper, carrot, italian seasoning - so delicious! I LOVE this meal!
homemade seitan sammie with ketchup, pickles n' collard greens.
beet balls! GOOGLE THEM! So good, I used quinoa for extra protein and oat flour to hold 'em together with the help of wheat germ, as well. a little tomato sauce with extra diced tomatoes, parsley flakes and spaghetti. Good to go, and be satisfied, and the proud owner of a happy tummy.
 Happy almost third trimester! (whaaaat?) Praise God!

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  1. Those beet balls look delicious! I need to look into those!