June 13, 2012

Week 27: Rutabaga Baby

oh, week 27...
Baby is the size of a rutabaga!
For those of you who have no idea what that is (like me): baby is also the size of a head of cauliflower!

Supposedly: about 14 inches long, weighs 2 lbs, opens and closes their eyes, hiccups (so true!) and has functioning lungs (babycenter.com).

feet swelling, stretch marks, stretchy-cramp-like tugs on my lower abdomen when I walk, inevitable waddling, lower back pain quickly cured by vinyasa yoga and/or slow-motion belly dancing in my bathroom while brushing my teeth, banana aversions, bloody noses (?!), sleepy mornings, and a desssiiiire to hold this sweet baby! Does that last one count as a symptom? I'd say so.

Baby: hiccups (that made me nervous since I had no idea what was happening and thought baby was simply and softly punching my side at a rhythmic pace jus' for fun)! And loads of kicking, also known as baby's daily 30-minute play time - our favorite feeling in the world.

This has been a week of 5K races (okay, just one), more dehydrating adventures, raw vegan meals so mama can handle the summer muggy-ness that is Seattle, Washington and not have to eat hot soups and casseroles on a daily basis, finally registering for baby on Amazon and Baby's R' Us, and contemplating where and when to buy a crib.

race day fun!


We also, successfully, had our first "at home" birthing class. Taught by a book (Bradley Method), read by a mommy-to-be (me), translated word-for-word for the papa-to-be by my side (hubby boo!). Yes, friends, we have decided not to take certified-teacher-taught birthing classes. We're going solo, with prayer, and are hopeful for the outcome.

I know, I know, it's our first baby. We have not even the slightest idea of what birthing is, will be, could possibly end up being. And I know we could both benefit from a class or two, or the 12-week option given by Bradley Method instructors in our city. If they were free of cost, we were free as birds during the work-week and weekend, could squeeze in one to two hour classes once a week, and we could find an instructor that spoke Spanish - we'd be all over it! Sign me up now, let's do it! But that isn't the case, life is life, so we're doin' things our way, trusting in God, and not afraid to ask for help or ask question when need be.

Our first birthing "class" was last night, and both of our eyes were opened to how little we know about labor - it was intense! We're going through the book, "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way", one chapter a week. It took us about 40 minutes or so to dive into the chapter from last night called, "Mechanics of Labor and Birthing" - which goes over the three stages of labor.

Stage one: contractions! YAY! Open up that cervix, the "door" that can take 10-20+ hours to open, with the expecting mami contracting on and off the entire time. This is where I think and hope that belly dancing will come in handy! Sway them hips, back and forth, breaaathe.

Stage two:
baby's adventure from uterus to world - pushing him/her through ye ol' birth canal. The magic and marvel of God's handywork that is: the baby turning on it's own, the head being so snug as is comes out that mom doesn't feel pain, but pure numbness, baby's eyes being able to open once the head is out (if baby is unmedicated), the uterus and cervix muscles working with baby to push, baby's feet pushing against the top of the uterian walls as to help him/her escape, the peace baby feels upon being placed directly on mami's chest after birth, and the joy of holding baby for the first time.

Stage three:
birthing the placenta! Contractions, oxytocin hopefully doing its job and helping the uterus contract and push out the placenta...etc!

Edu and I learned so much, and we're so happy we decided to do our own little at home birthing classes. We really feel like doing this together, one-on-one (plus baby makes one-on-one-on-one) and being able to talk about what we learned, is best for us. All we could say was, "wow" when we finished the chapter. It's all incredible, God is Amazing and so wise in His ways. It's so beautiful that He created it all this way!

As hubby being my "coach" through this pregnancy and the birth, I think it's super important that he understand what is going to go down completely. That's why we were hesitant on classes. I mean, he understands English and speaks it well, but he's not the one to raise his hand and ask the instructor questions, even if he has them, and if something is said that he doesn't understand, he might just let it slide and not have me translate until after the class. I feel like we'll both take away a lot more, and soak up tons more information, when we're on the same page, learning and understanding the same things on birth at the same time (instead of me sucking up all that is said during an instructor-taught class and Edu asking me questions later to clarify).

when can we finally meet, sweet baby?
That said, we also have a verrryy open mind on this birth (and pregnancy) and know that God's in control of the entire process. Our hearts would love a birth without any medical intervention, at our home, with the good, crazy, normal contractions and painful, but beautiful birth without baby experiencing any trama or complications. But in the end, we have no idea what this birth is going to be like. We might end up at a hospital, maybe an emergency C-section before baby is full-term, maybe labor at home and have to drive to a hospital for some medicine and the birth. Only God knows, and we leave it all in His hands. All we want is a healthy baby - we don't have our minds set on a perfect birth, we have our minds set on our Savior. His will be done, not our own. He has a reason for all that happens, even the not-so-joyous times.

the eats:
Brown rice, quinoa pancakes with green veggies amazing powder, almond butter, banana, coconut, frozen blubbies!
molletes! whole grain french bread, middle removed, homemade pinto bean mash, guacamole, pico de gallo glory.
zucchini, collard green, tomato, pineapple pizza. with tempeh (paprika, chili powder) and brocc roast!
chia gel with almond milk, cinnamon, muesli, strawburries
mock-tuna (almonds, sun flower seeds, lemon juice, onion, celery) pickles, raw bread, collards
Raw paprika-esk bread with sprouted buckwheat and flax!
collard green chips (think kale chips, friends) with hemp seeds, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic powder. oh my goodness. yes.
 Sigh... I love my Amazing Lord! He is incredibly comforting. Especially in this "we have no idea what our life is going to be like" moment of our marriage - shoot! We're expecting our first baby! This is completely insane! In such a good way. A great way. I'm so excited!

"If we live by the Spirit,
let us also walk by the Spirit."
Galatians 5:25

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