June 20, 2012

Week 28: Eggplant Baby!

Week 28
baby is the size of an eggplant!
Average size: 13.6 -14.8 inches, 1.5-2.2 lb.

"May the God of endurance and encouragement
grant you to live in such harmony with one
another, in accord with Christ Jesus, that
together you may with one voice glorify
the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ."
Romans 15:5-6

dear (28 week old) baby in my tummy, thank you for finally starting to kick mommy's insides so I know you're alive and well. Thank you for listening to papa and I sing to you at night, and responding promptly with a gentle punch to my ribs. Thank you for having hiccups 3 times and making me giggle. Thank you for doing turns and twirls and moving my stomach in goofy ways. Thank you for growing so big that I struggle to find a comfy position in bed at night. Thank you for hanging out with me during the start of this third trimester, your papi and I are so excited to meet you soon!

It's true, folks. I'm officially (kinda?) starting trimester numbah three. Praise God! This week has been a bit strange - I've been hit hard with a huge and powerful wave of sleepiness and, because of this, haven't woken up before work to exercise for three days straight. What excuse do I have? I just looove me some pillow. Pillow, pillow, pillow. I have bursts of energy at night, allowing me to cook, read blogs, read in general, and even chat with hubby (and baby) for up to an hour once we're lying down in bed. This of course makes bedtime a lot later than our good intentions are planning on, and I naturally gift the body with the joys of sleeping in later than planned. So, here's to going to bed at a decent time (for us that's around 9:15pm) so we can get out of bed at a decent time (5am for me to fit in a workout, 6am for him to fit in a run). We'll see!

Oh, stretching. Today and yesterday have been a heck of a lot of fun in the stretching department. I feel like my uterus is doing what it's supposed to: growing big, stretching wide, as baby grows from the size of lemon to the size of a watermelon, but goodness me... it's getting really "tuggy" down there! I feel fab when I'm sitting down at home or at work, but once I have to stand up and walk around, I truly feel there is some sort of mechanism that is pulling the uterus' muscle lining in opposite directions. Yesterday it didn't hurt much at all, it was simply me - pregnant - stretching. But today, oh snap! I could hardly walk, and I was grimacing in the face all the way down the hallway at work. Painful stuff, my friends. I guess I should just be "breathing it out" to practice for the glorious contractions in September, no? 

Welcome to the first trimester? Just starting today I have been feeling extremely snacky. And by snacky I really just want to say that I'm in the mood to eat. all. the. time. It feels a little like the first trimester - for those rare moments when I didn't feel sick to my stomach - I wanted to eat everything I could dream of. This included everything on every food commercial on TV. Oh my. Food sounds delicious, every type of food sounds delicious, and today for the first time in months I actually stuffed myself full to the brim! Case and point: giant lentil burger, ripped in half, flattened (to make "two" burgers), on top of sprouted Ezekiel bun, avocado, tomato, romaine, mustard, bell pepper, zucchini and a collard green "top bun" with a side of jicama "fries" covered in nutritional yeast + paprika with a hint of olive oil for browning and some agave-sweetened ketchup. Told you. So, very, full. But it was so... very... worth it! Who's up for ice cream?!

Weight gain celebrations! I am officially (unofficially since I have no good idea of what my weight was before pregnancy since we had returned from Mexico and always lose 10 or so pounds down there from all of the physical activity we do mixed with zero snacking and only 2 or 3 wonderfully satisfying meals a day) up 15 + pounds! Go baby, go baby go. Yes, mama and baby are growing like weeds (aw, what a sweet choice of words) or like small children on the Western diet (that's the U.S.A. diet, people) mixed with zero exercise (video games and couches are fun!). And I am kind of in love with my tummy. It feels amazing to not worry about your love handles, or your thighs, or your arms not looking muscular and toned. I work out and feel strong, my hips are widening, my sides are thicker than they used to be, and I feel beautiful. Hubby does a wonderful job at making me feel beautiful, too. He loves this round-tummied wifey God has placed in his life and we love the baby that's causing it all. It's a blessing. It's a joy. 

On to the eats! For tonight is "Bradley Method classes at home" night (see last post)! 

chia pudding: chia seeds + almond milk + cinnamon + sunflowers + banana + raisins + strawberries + almond butter = breakfast.
almond sunflower seed pate (with celery, onion n' mustard) over raw herb bread with collard lid :)
collard green chips from the dehydrator! lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, hemp seeds. oh my fantastic!

the beast that made me full for 4 years.
A friend recommended this place near my home! LOVED it!

that juice was outta-this-world good! so refreshing. The watermelon really sold it for us!

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  1. Nicole you look gorgeous!! You're seriously glowing :)