July 30, 2012

Week 33: Durian Fruit

Week 33
Baby is the size of a Durian fruit!
yes, the stinking one that you only see on T.V. when guys go to other countries and eat things that make us cringe even though we're kind of intrigued and would like to try them ourselves.

Oh goodness me! Pregnancy comes with lots of fun changes to the daily routine.

Sleeping - Each night starts the same: lie down on my left side, crab a thick pillow for between my knees, straighten out my left leg and bend my right. Fall into a deep, profound, delicious sleep. I still haven't experienced a whole lot of waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but it happens every once in a while. I do, however, long to flip over to my right side, or onto my back, or any other position beside the default "comfortable" one, but it's usually pretty short lived since something starts aching at one point. I have thought about purchasing one of those fun body pillows that all the pregnant ladies love, but can't get myself to spend the money when I'm only going to use it for *2 months now!* and then we'll have to be creative and store it somewhere out of the way.
Eating - I think I've mentioned that I read a magazine articles about third trimester changes with meal sizes, and how they stated a "food rule" of 1.5 cups of food each meal. Since nowadays the stomach is very high, being pushed upward by the growing baby in the uterus. I can definitely see where they are coming from, too, because this mama used to LOVE herself a crazy nutrient-packed meal that was the size of an extra-large dinner plate. Well, not necessarily, but I have been known to stuff a giant amount of vegetables or fruits in my mouth in one sitting. And I have, on more than one occasion, heard someone say, "you're going to eat ALL of that?" when seeing the meal set before me. Let me tell you, those days are over. Even a banana and almonds can make me feel full at times. And sleeping with any food in me? Nonsense! I will burp it up all night, I get a heart-burn like feeling in my chest, and I struggle to find that "comfortable" position I had mentioned before. No fun, my dearies.

Running - Oh ha ha, this part is just humorous to me, I gotta say. You see, I haven't run in about 4 or 5 weeks straight because of who-knows-why. Well, I know why. Hubby and I go to Green Lake to run on Saturdays, but I've been feeling heavy and goofy, so I usually just go for a nice hour-long walk while he gets his run on. Then he went on a business trip, so there was no Saturday at the lake, and another weekend I attended a baby shower brunch, nixing, once again, our Saturday at the lake. Anyhow, Saturdays have come and gone and I've been a walker. But something was different about this past Saturday - I decided to test ye ol' body and go for a jog (notice how I did not say "run"). I named this jog "The Jog That Will Tell Me Whether or Not I Can Sign Up For an August Race Before Baby's Arrival" and commenced.

I felt great when we started, Edu jogged right by my side and quickly told me my pace was too fast and I wasn't going to be able to maintain it, so I slowed down. About 1 1/2 kilometers into it, the inevitable pee-break called and forced me to stop. This is a bad idea. For some reason, while I'm running I feel like a rock star. I don't feel the weight of the baby, or the baby bump at all, I almost feel like people say they feel when they swim - like they're floating and weightless. Which is a bit strange, since I'm bouncing up and down and swinging my arms, but it's truly how I feel when I run pregnant. The only issue, though, is when I stop - when I stop, I feel very very very pregnant, as if baby all the sudden was like "hey, what's up I weigh 19lbs and I'm pushing on your uterus so you're uncomfortable and feel like you're ripping into shreds down there" which ain't comfortable. Anyhow, I told Edu I wanted to keep going because I really do feel so feather-like when I jog. And we finished the 3 miles! 

befoooore the 3 mile extravaganza
After the 3 mile extravaganza!!

Side note: when we were about 400 meters (picture one lap on a high school track) away from finishing mile three, I felt a crazy strange Braxton-Hicks like contraction really low in my abdomen. It really felt just like a contraction would feel - like all the uterus' lower muscles were tightening up with all their strength and not releasing. I'm pretty sure they're supposed to release, c'mon now, muscles! I told Edu and he asked me if I wanted to stop completely, and I did, but I told him I would see how I felt after a few more steps. I brought the pace down and continued to slow jog and the pain went away. Oh goodness me, preparing for labor, are we?

So after the 3 miles I stopped to stretch, Edu went on a bathroom break and then sprint off to finish a good who-knows-how-many miles at his own, and my parents arrived (we had set it up that way, they didn't just appear out of the blue) so we could go for a walk. I told them about the baby trying to birth in the middle of the sidewalk earlier and told them that walking it out sounded like a good idea, even though I wanted to fall down on a large fluffy something-or-other and pass out for hours because the jog made my legs sleepy. So we went for a good 40 minute walk and waited for Edu to finish up, then met up at Starbucks and ate some snacks.
All day, though, ohhhh snap. Walking hurt, standing up after sitting hurt, all my lower abdomen muscles hurt, the baby felt like he/she was pushing on the lower part of the uterus with their head, which was wearing a spiky-helmet, which in turn felt like it was tearing the uterine walls. Not comfortable. It's so hard to wrap my head around, though. Because running feels so stinking good but the post-run achy sensation is so painful, I've got to make an executive decision. That decision? To stop running 'till after baby comes. I read online that many other running pregnant mommas experience this exact same thing - which is such a comfort, since you're always scared you're the only one and that you're a bad pregnant woman for being selfish and running even though you're killing your uterus. They would all go for a run, feel no pain until they had to stop for a bathroom break or until after the run. They way they explain their pain is the exact same way I would explain mine, aaand so - we move on.

To bigger and better things. Like strength training, pilates and yoga. Hello next 8 weeks. Hello walking on my lunch break. Goodbye running, it's been lovely.

I can't believe how close we are to the home stretch on this pregnancy. I see blogs of other pregnant gals who are in their 20th week and I truly can't remember my 20th week unless I catch up on my own old blog posts. Pregnancy is long, must say, but at the same time it flies by so fast - feels like the "morning" (all day) sickness was 2 years ago. My first ultrasound? A blur. My second ultrasound? Even more of a blur.

I do really love being pregnant, though. My body is much different than I am used to - I am now a happy owner of funny things like stretch marks, milk producers, and itchy tummy syndrome. If I'm sitting for an extended period of time and decide to stand up and place one foot in front of the other - I experience stretching, uncomfortable nerve tingling in my behind and thigh, and pain in my lower back as I walk. But honestly I am thankful for it all since it's just a subtle (or, you know, not so subtle...) reminder of the gift we have waiting for us this September. I'll take it, I'll take all of it and try to keep my grin on and my dance moves consistent!

Weight Gain: 21 pounds, baby!
Food intake: 8,000 calories/day?! (I'm feeding two, right?) Just kidding. I can hardly fit a banana in my stomach without feeling its heavy load. Mmm... bananas... remember when they used to not make me feel sick? Oh I miss the days.
Baby Movement: baby Carrillo is most active during the morning time (7-8am) and nighttime (8-10pm). He/she fancies a karate chop, a high kick, gymnastic-like twirls and turns, and mommy feels every single one of them. Hooray!
Ezekiel tortilla, pasta sauce, sauteed veg + tempeh with nutritional yeast, garlic, onion and italian seasoning. Oh me oh my this was good!
Regular green juice: kale, lemon, orange, ginger, pineapple + blender.

July 26, 2012

Week 32.5: A Real Squash Baby

Week 32 (for real, this time)
baby is the size of a 34 week in utero baby!
(Butternut Squash!)

So yesterday I had my official 32 week appointment with the lovely midwife. The best part about it? I am measuring 34 weeks even though baby is only "32"! This is radzolla, makes me feel like I am so close to giving birth to our little sprout! I saw Cindie for the first time, which was nice since she was the only one I hadn't had an appointment with yet. She is the lovely lady who started Midwife Seattle years ago, and I love that she has a huge heart for Christ as well, which she states on her bio on the website. Eduardo told me at the end of the appointment that he hopes she is the gal who attends baby's birth, which would be double fabulous since she also speaks Spanish! Such a joyous surprise to hear her tell us this!

Anywhoo I suppose our calculations have been off a bit (ours being my mommw and mine) since we thought I was 33 weeks pregnant this week! I technically have 4 due dates now - all in September and all making me confused. One is the 5th, based off of the "first day of your last period" rule. The next due date is September 19th, this is based off of my ultrasound at 20 weeks - when baby was measuring bigger than we thought. Then we have September 15th, my first due date given to me at the beginning of all of this pregnancy business, based off of the 9 week ultrasound. And lastly we have September 17th - what the midwives have decided and they stuck with it. So I call it a winner, and it calls me 32 weeks and 2 days pregnant.

Confused? Me too. Well, not really. Amused is a better word for it. It's just silly how we get our minds fixed on a date (I loved saying September 10th was the due date) and then it all changes suddenly and we're forced to tell everyone that baby is expected to appear a week later. I also read that it's better to stick with that later due date in my mind and place that in the mind of family and friends so that they aren't calling me non-stop, asking, "is baby here? How about now? Now? Do you think it'll happen tonight? Tomorrow? How late are they now?" Which I can imagine getting very tiresome.

Maybe I should simply tell everyone that baby is expected to arrive the last day of September. That's playing it safe, wouldn't you think? Especially because there's the rumor that first-time mommy's seem to give birth later than said due date. We'll see! I take comfort in knowing that God knows baby Carrillo's birth day. As well as the hour, their hair color, eye color, the shape of their nose, ears, how much they weigh, how long they are from the tip of his/her toes to the crown of their head.

"For You formed my inward parts, You knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are Your works; my soul knows it very well." Psalm 139:13-14

In other week 32 news: I'm feeling more and more pregnant each day. There are new aches as the baby grows and size and weight, I'm actually waking up a few times each night, trying to find that golden position of comfort bliss (and not really finding it) and small portions at each meal are a must since my stomach has no room to stretch. Walking breaks at work are intense in between my long sitting-at-the-desk moments (ah, the life of a receptionist), but the 30 minute walks on my lunch break feel amazing! I always break a sweat and feel great afterward, in an exhausted, stretchy type of pregnant way.

I have been trying to be consistent with the Bradley Method's recommended daily exercises, as well. Let's prep this body for birth, shall we? A mix of tailor sitting (sitting with an open-ish criss-cross-applesauce position with knees touching ground if possible), squats (stretch that perineum!), cat/cow back n' leg stretching (see:yoga), and hip swaying (feels SO good, not part of Bradley but a big part of relieving a sore lower back) and kegals (google them and do them for the rest of your life!). It's getting serious here, folks, and exciting. Not to say I'm expecting to be a joyous, singing, hip-swaying mama in labor, I know this business is going to hurt like madness, but I'm still stoked to give a natural birth a try. God's will be done over mine! I leave it completely in His hands, and trust His plan for us.

To the people in my life that, when hearing that I am hoping to have a medication-free birth at home, tell me, "are you serious? Do you have ANY idea the type of pain giving birth is? It is, by far, the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life!!! That epidural is a life-saver, I don't think I could have made it without it."

I say:
Well of course it's painful - God promises it will be!

"To the woman [God] said, 'I will surely multiply your pain in childbearing; in pain you shall bring forth children...." Genesis 3:16

but I really believe that He also made woman TO birth, and we CAN do it without any medical intervention. It is NOT easy, no one ever expects it to be, but I'm ready and hopeful. I would love for people to keep those comments to themselves, they are only sure-fire ways to discourage a soon-to-be-mama and bring her down. Le sigh.

Honestly, though, all I think about is meeting this baby. A friend of mine (well, two actually) from work are expecting their baby's arrivals this and next month, while I'm the "2 months left!" one - and it's a killer, must say! Once their wee-ones are born, all I'm going to do is looooong for our baby to greet the world. I mean, how can you be pregnant at the same time as other girls, watch their babies being born, and not wish your babe was here, too? Impossible.

Off with the writing, on to the food!
easy dinner is served! homemade lentil burger from the freezer, mashed avocado with lime, mustard, tomato, romaine and collard leaf, green bean and red pepper flakes

Easy breakfast is served! Green juice (pineapple, orange, lemon, ginger, kale) with apple and banana drowning in almond butter, cinnamon, raisins, hemp hearts, wheat germ and oats!
Weekend breakfast! Simply chia seeds soaked in almond milk, quinoa flour, carob powder and blueberries (baking powder, cinnamon) with almond butter, banana, blueberries and fig jam.
blueberry carob pancakes again ! with shredded coconut!

Dinner with my lovely parents: green cleanse! menu says: Helpful in removing toxins, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, strengthening the liver, stomach & kidneys. Cucumber, celery, kale, parsley, spinach, lemon.

raw "pizza" with salad. oh goodness me this was so delicious! and yes, that looked, tasted, and felt like bacon. hmmm... menu says: A savory raw pizza topped with curry cherry chutney, fresh sprouts, our savory cashew cheese, and dehydrated tamari date onion rings.

mommy's dish! menu says: Flavorful artichoke pate, cashew cheese and vegenaise grilled on molasses wheat bread, topped with cucumbers and sprouts.

papa's dish! recommended by my used-to-be-meat-loving husband who now always asks me for lentil burgers!! menu says: Seattle’s Best Veggie Burger is accentuated by our delectable special sauce and served on a grilled
panino roll with vegenaise, marinated onions, cucumber, sprouts and bread & butter pickles.
A treat by the folks, this was heavenly! menu didn't say anything, it was sold separately :) the bottom was a nutty crust - walnuts and dates I would say, with coconut butter maybe. middle was fascinating! basil, cashew cream, dates or some type of sweetener - maybe straight up sugar, who knows! top was creamy and rich strawberry, also probably a cashew base. incredible.

 the end!

July 18, 2012

Week 32: Squash Baby!

Week 32
Baby Carrillo is the size of a squash! (Again?)
Average size: 15.2- 16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lb.

But this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:21-22

A friend recently shared this verse and it filled me to the brim with joy. It's such a rich promise from the Lord, so simple in its wording yet so incredibly complex in its meaning. The Creator of this world has a love for us that NEVER ceases! That means no matter what we do, fail to do, accidentally or purposefully do, His love is still there - constant and never changing. His mercies, all He gives to us, never ends. Every morning He has new gifts for us, we have new hope with each day, and new chances to serve Him and see His glory in all of His amazing creation. Great is His faithfulness: He keeps all of His promises. He is always with us, always present, intensely powerful in His ways, He is forgiving, loving, kind, and just. So, so beautiful.

So this week has been much like last week in the pregnant side of things. Energy had a slight shift for the good during the weekend - I felt like a normal human being again! So thankfully the days have been up-beat and productive. But goodness me, I still, for the life of me, cannot get up early to do any type of exercise. Not yoga, not strength training, not pilates, not kettle bell quickies. I have, however, been able to get slight workouts in during the day. We did, however, go to a wedding last weekend, and although I was sleepy like mad beans, we headed over to a "beach" (is it even considered a beach? who knows!) afterwards and went for a beautiful walk. It was super refreshing! During my lunch break the other day I walked for 40 minutes in what felt like 80 degree weather (probably more like 70) to and from the bank. That same day my brother and I hammered art to many walls, which also got my heart rate up (it doesn't take much these days to do so) as well as a quick 10 minutos on my parents' elliptical trainer. So, there's some activity in there, just not a consistent flow. Ah well, 'tis what it is.  Update: today I was able to walk for almost a full 40 minutes on my lunch break, including a crazy hill that took my breath away. Delightful!

The foods: everything tastes fabulous - even sweet, rich green monsters (kale with almond milk + frozen fruit + oats)! The only, only, only food I still can't get along with, that is, my stomach cannot get along with, is the yellow friends that are bananas. It's crazy! I still eat them daily, because their taste hasn't ceased to fascinate my taste buds, but oh me oh my, the nausea creeps its way in shortly after the last bite. How strange is that? I've had to go on a few banana "fasts" as well since this third trimester has brought other *cough* surprises *cough* that are in my gut. But after a few days of a banana-free, extra prune-loaded detox - the body goes right back into regular joy, and I get to eat bananas again! Weird cycle? Yes. A much enjoyed weird cycle!

Baby Carrillo has definitely run out of space inside there. The baby movement is very consistent, now, and hubby and I are even able to feel the head and/or behind every once in a while! It's so much fun to feel a whole body in there, and to share it with family and co-workers (side note: most of family has yet to really feel this baby or see any movement, but that's what this Sunday's baby shower is for, isn't it?). The due date is getting so close (September 17th now) and I cannot believe that, God willing, in only two short months (or so) we'll be holding our sweet baby girl or boy. It's such an intense blessing, I'm in awe as to why God gives the way He does. So gracious!

Anyhow. Here's some food fun!

kale, lemon, orange, pineapple, ginger, ice.
homemade whole wheaty crust, zucchini, bell pepper, nutritional yeast, tomato, italian seasoning, serrano chili
Addicted to Veggies (see her website!) recipe: almond, date, cocoa powder crust (brownie bliss!) with a cashew, strawberry, date filling. oh joy.
Oh She Glows' recipe: curry lentil soup.
strawberries, blueberries, dates, almond milk, wheat germ, hemp seed, chia on top.
quinoa, seeds, oats, millet puffs, ohmygoodness waffles.

"the fact that this year, or this month, or, more likely, this very day, we have failed to practice ourselves the kind of behavior we expect from other people." C.S.Lewis

July 11, 2012

Week 31: Pineapple Baby

Week 31
Baby is the size of a pineapple!


I will trust in YOU.
In God (I will praise His word),
in God I have put my trust
I will not fear.
What can flesh do to me?
Psalm 56:3+4

Our baby is in God's hands. He formed this new life, and His will be done with the rest of this pregnancy and with the birth. All praise and joy belongs to Him for our little sprout! It is only because of His provision that we were able to purchase baby's bedroom essentials this past fourth of July. We are so thankful and humbled before Him!

I think  it's going to really hit us hard (in a good way) once the nursery is all put together. Just a simple crib, dresser, some lovely art and possible rocking chair is all we need to transform our once "computer room" into baby's zone. Thankfully we have the same taste in home decor, colors, and design, so finding the furniture we wanted was easy as pie. Especially at IKEA! One stop shop, I tell you. It's a real gem of a store. Ikea even sells huge stuffed veggies! Pure happiness.

naturally, I show him cute veggies and he shows me a cow!!
Edu and I decided to keep the color scheme the same as it is, with a few accent colors (greens n' yellows) around the room. It was funny when we were looking at the baby's registry items and realized there was ZERO color going around. White, black, and gray - how eye popping, no? Then we imagined baby Carrillo not knowing any of his/her colors 'till they were 14, so we gave in and added a few greens. I'm so excited to have everything put together so we can start the design aspect of this room! I'm planning on doing a few paintings and framing them on the wall, instead of a mural. I am a huge fan of murals (especially the awesome, modern trees seen in many baby's rooms these days) but we both agreed that framed art will leave us with more freedom to switch things up when we desire to.

 In other news? This momma is in need of a motivation kick to jump back into exercise - full throttle! I don't mean 1 hour of sprinting  7 days a week, nor am I referring to my pre-pregnancy ways of high intensity BODY ROCK training in my garage (the gallons of sweat, can't breathe, feel amazing, 20 minute workouts). All I want is a little bit of consistency. Even if I was walking 5-7 days a week for 30 minutes to an hour - I'd be happy! But I'm not even doing that.

I'm averaging 1 day of vinyasa yoga, 1 day of strength training, and maaaybe a short jog. And I'm not feeling all that fabulous, either. I'm tired in the mornings, I feel weak, and it all makes me stop caring about food, too. It's strange what great things exercise does to you, and how crummy you feel when you get out of habit. I know I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and I don't need to prove anything to anyone. I just want to feel good, and I know baby benefits from an active mommy, too. Anyhow. Each week is different, I suppose. Maybe I'll be a rock star the following week to make up for last week's lazy beans. We'll see. Cast all your cares to Jesus.

Maybe it isn't all "lazy beans" anyhow. I really think that half of the time I am simply exhausted while, once in a blue moon, I get a touch of laziness added to the pot. I read that fatigue is 100% normal 'round these weeks of pregnancy, but it's so hard for me to accept it since it isn't at all what I had expected of the third trimester! Aren't I supposed to be over all of the icky stages that are the first trimester and into all the wonders of energy, a growing baby, the ability to run half marathons and wake up at a decent time full of energy and joy? Aren't I? Guess not.

Baby Carrillo has been very, very active lately! Play time continues to be more predictable late into the night (9-10pm) and early in the mornings (5, 6, sometimes 7am during bfast) and Edu and I love to feel his/her little limbs poking at the inside of my belly! It's pretty amazing how much movement can be seen from the outside. A friend at work caught my whole belly jumping when baby was doing on of their daytime dance moves - something super noticeable if you stare at my tummy. And it seems like our little bug  also has a thing for some good ol' fashion hymns: we played one for them the other night and the bouncing and wiggling was extreme! I tested this, and played the same song (Leaning on the Everlasting Arms) when I was visiting my mum, papa, and brother this week, and sure enough they were able to see and feel baby move! Pure joy.

the foods:
green monsters are back! frozen banana, strawberries, almond milk, prunes, kale + goodies on top.

lentil burgers made with sprouted lentils, carrot, celery, onion and flaxseed!

raw granola! sprouted buckewheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, prunes cut into pieces and a dehydrator working its magic.

oh toast: sprouted Ezekiel bread, mashed avocado, sprouted tempeh sauteed in coconut oil with paprika, nutritional yeast and chili powder. Oh goodness me.

breakfast with toast - almond butter, chia seeds, frozen strawberries sliced into loveliness, banana and coconut.

My midwife called recently and told me that my Vitamin D was low (but my iron is still doing well, thankfully!) and recommending I take 10,000 IU of Vit D supplement a day. This sounded like a lot to me, since I'm currently taking 2,000 + a prenatal that has 'round 500 IU, but the awesome part is that if I get 20 minutes of sunshine a day without sunscreen I can skip the extra supplement taking. I find that pretty radzolla, simply because I'm all one for finding all the nutrients you need in plants and the most natural sources possible. and shoot son, the sun is a pretty natural source, wouldn't you say?

Anyhow. Week 31, you've been fun, but I think I'm ready for week 32 to come into my life and make a delightful appearance. I've got high hopes for a more optimistic approach to the pregnant life and all it throws at me (the good, the bad, the crazy mad, the emotional, the grumpy, the glow, the highs, the lowest lows...).

See you in 9 weeks, baby!!

July 3, 2012

Week 30: Cucumber baby

Week 30
baby is the size of a cucumber!

I still truly feel like I am 17 weeks pregnant. Those days are really carved into my brain's memory: I was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after battling weeks of nausea, hating my once-adored kitchen and every living thing inside of it, emotional instability, grumpiness, depression in general, extreme sleepiness, confusion from my body not letting me take part in any consistent form of exercise, and the lack of a baby bump on top of it all. So how, in the name of whose-and-whats-it, am I already 30 weeks pregnant?

 The baby bump is seeming super small some days, yet giant and round, screaming for everyone to look at it and point, on other days. Right now I feel itty-bitty, since I'm in a black tanktop and I'm sitting down. Maybe I need to wear white, fitted jump suits (spandex? that sounds comfy and maternity friendly!) so the baby bump exaggeratedly greets the world without fail! Some people tell me I look "super small" while others say "woaaah" when they see me turn the corner, and then there are the handful of people at work that gently touch my belly throughout the day and I find myself accidentally bumping them with it since my depth perception is completely out of whack with this new addition to my mid-section. All said, I think I have grown at least a little bit these past few months. But that's just based off of the white-shirt snapshots I'm taking weekly. How accurate could they be, really? see: 18.2 weeks and 30 weeks below!


In the exercise world of baby-in-my-tummy world - things have been up and down. I feel amazing every time I get a workout in - even if it's just a brisk walk + jog with my sister and her dog, or a 15 minute kettle bell session in my garage (see Lauren Brooks' DVD Baby Bells, it's fantastic!), or an I'm-gonna-try-to-jog-today morning that ends up going a little like this: potty break, jog for 7 minutes, potty break, jog for 15 minutes, shin splints, push through it, potty break, stop to walk off shin splints. It's just an out of body experience, I tell you! To go from an exercise lovin' girl who can't wait to get a sweat session on each morning, and enjoys herself a challenge, pushes her muscles to their limit often, and knows that pain is usually a good thing - to a mommy-to-be who likes brisk walks and doesn't know how to do a push up anymore since it feels funny in her abdominal area and baby prefers prenatal vinyasa yoga DVDs. Goodness me! 

[One week's worth]
wed: 50 min strength training
thur: rest
fri: 20 mins kettle bell
sat: 2 mile jog, 2 mile walk
sun: 30+ min walk + jog with sister
mon: rest
tues: 15 mins sweaty kettle bell

The first baby shower took place last weekend! It was phenominal, yet a tad overwhelming, and I truly didn't have a clue what was going on most of the time. I felt like I was at someone else's baby shower as I opened gifts for baby, held up the clothing and nipple creams to show to friends, and heard aww's and teehee's. You know what it's like, baby showers are always the same in that way. Gift opening is all eyes on mommy-to-be, and the only option us invitees have is to say, "how cute!" every time a new item of clothing or blanket, swaddle, bib, or other nursery item is held up. I'll post a full baby shower-recap in the near future, but for now, let's just say it was magical. And I was sweating the entire time. And I have amazing people in my life.

Baby has been super active in the morning and evening! It's kind of a bummer for my mom and dad, though, 'cause I only see them during the day and that is when baby is usually inactive or decides to kick only once or twice every few hours and doesn't give any warning to when playtime is. So I have no skill in timing it, and the grandparents-to-be haven't been able to partake in the joys of feeling baby do kung-fu in utero! Stink, man. My mom has only felt baby move around on one occasion - but thankfully it was one of his/her 20-straight-minutes of playtime during the day a few weeks back, so she got to feel (and see!) a good amount of movement. But the poor gpa-to-be hasn't felt or seen a thing, which makes me want to appear at their home one of these nights and let them see the madness that is after dark baby rave in my tummy. I'm still not used to these kicks, punches, and stretches I'm feeling and seeing, and it doesn't make it seem any more real to me (or hubby) that I really am growing a wee-baby inside of my tummy. I guess it isn't real until you're holding them in your arms and they're staring back at you with their giant baby eyes. I'm so excited!

Tomorrow we are planning on taking a trip to the land of IKEA and looking at baby's first furniture items for the nursery, which is a big deal seeing as how we haven't really purchased anything for this room of theirs. Also, with all of the clothing and blankets we received at the baby shower, it is definitely time to do a nice round of laundry, after removing the tags if I remember to do so, and pack the sweet stuff away as we wait for our little sprout to arrive! I think as we add items to the nursery it will make the feeling really sink in, too. We're having a baby, and this is their room, and God is good, and let's sleep on the floor next to the crib and cry tears of joy for a good hour or so. Yes, let's do it. 

Some eats: breakfast has been very chocolate-loaded, as well as sprouted, chia-seed filled and fruity. I just can't get enough of Bob's Red Mill unsweetened coconut flakes, either, as you'll see. I just love how buckwheat and chia seeds have such amazing powers to fill up my tummy! And the almond milk (unsweetened) with cocoa powder tastes like dessert every time. I have to admit, though, the almond butter always makes these bowls hard to finish. I do great with portioning everything else into normal, human-sized breakfasts, and then 2 tablespoons of almond butter come into the picture and I can hardly fit the last few bites in my stomach. But alas, that's what glass tupperware and a fridge is for, no? Dessert that same evening = bfast I couldn't finish that morning. Oh joys!

A new favorite thing in the universe: adding thinly sliced sprouted tofu on my pizza with italian seasoning and loads of nutritional yeast! It comes with such a wonderful flavor and makes the pizza protein-loaded and filling. It's a good, good, great, lovely thing.
 Edu and I have been reading through the book of Psalm recently, and we're moving pretty slowly, so I proposed we try and tackle a little bit of memorization. Yes, just as if we were in Sunday school as kids and were going to win a prize next Sunday morning if we had the verse down 100% - and this is the verse from this week. I am having a hard time memorizing it because of my human being qualities (not perfect?) but every time I read it I am encouraged. I need to bring this verse to work with me and keep it in mind throughout the day - I can really see it helping me through the downs and even the joys of the "ups" - so, Nicole, friends, everyone, keep it in mind:

The Lord is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me.
My heart leaps for joy,

and with my song I praise Him.  
Psalm 28:7