July 3, 2012

Week 30: Cucumber baby

Week 30
baby is the size of a cucumber!

I still truly feel like I am 17 weeks pregnant. Those days are really carved into my brain's memory: I was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after battling weeks of nausea, hating my once-adored kitchen and every living thing inside of it, emotional instability, grumpiness, depression in general, extreme sleepiness, confusion from my body not letting me take part in any consistent form of exercise, and the lack of a baby bump on top of it all. So how, in the name of whose-and-whats-it, am I already 30 weeks pregnant?

 The baby bump is seeming super small some days, yet giant and round, screaming for everyone to look at it and point, on other days. Right now I feel itty-bitty, since I'm in a black tanktop and I'm sitting down. Maybe I need to wear white, fitted jump suits (spandex? that sounds comfy and maternity friendly!) so the baby bump exaggeratedly greets the world without fail! Some people tell me I look "super small" while others say "woaaah" when they see me turn the corner, and then there are the handful of people at work that gently touch my belly throughout the day and I find myself accidentally bumping them with it since my depth perception is completely out of whack with this new addition to my mid-section. All said, I think I have grown at least a little bit these past few months. But that's just based off of the white-shirt snapshots I'm taking weekly. How accurate could they be, really? see: 18.2 weeks and 30 weeks below!


In the exercise world of baby-in-my-tummy world - things have been up and down. I feel amazing every time I get a workout in - even if it's just a brisk walk + jog with my sister and her dog, or a 15 minute kettle bell session in my garage (see Lauren Brooks' DVD Baby Bells, it's fantastic!), or an I'm-gonna-try-to-jog-today morning that ends up going a little like this: potty break, jog for 7 minutes, potty break, jog for 15 minutes, shin splints, push through it, potty break, stop to walk off shin splints. It's just an out of body experience, I tell you! To go from an exercise lovin' girl who can't wait to get a sweat session on each morning, and enjoys herself a challenge, pushes her muscles to their limit often, and knows that pain is usually a good thing - to a mommy-to-be who likes brisk walks and doesn't know how to do a push up anymore since it feels funny in her abdominal area and baby prefers prenatal vinyasa yoga DVDs. Goodness me! 

[One week's worth]
wed: 50 min strength training
thur: rest
fri: 20 mins kettle bell
sat: 2 mile jog, 2 mile walk
sun: 30+ min walk + jog with sister
mon: rest
tues: 15 mins sweaty kettle bell

The first baby shower took place last weekend! It was phenominal, yet a tad overwhelming, and I truly didn't have a clue what was going on most of the time. I felt like I was at someone else's baby shower as I opened gifts for baby, held up the clothing and nipple creams to show to friends, and heard aww's and teehee's. You know what it's like, baby showers are always the same in that way. Gift opening is all eyes on mommy-to-be, and the only option us invitees have is to say, "how cute!" every time a new item of clothing or blanket, swaddle, bib, or other nursery item is held up. I'll post a full baby shower-recap in the near future, but for now, let's just say it was magical. And I was sweating the entire time. And I have amazing people in my life.

Baby has been super active in the morning and evening! It's kind of a bummer for my mom and dad, though, 'cause I only see them during the day and that is when baby is usually inactive or decides to kick only once or twice every few hours and doesn't give any warning to when playtime is. So I have no skill in timing it, and the grandparents-to-be haven't been able to partake in the joys of feeling baby do kung-fu in utero! Stink, man. My mom has only felt baby move around on one occasion - but thankfully it was one of his/her 20-straight-minutes of playtime during the day a few weeks back, so she got to feel (and see!) a good amount of movement. But the poor gpa-to-be hasn't felt or seen a thing, which makes me want to appear at their home one of these nights and let them see the madness that is after dark baby rave in my tummy. I'm still not used to these kicks, punches, and stretches I'm feeling and seeing, and it doesn't make it seem any more real to me (or hubby) that I really am growing a wee-baby inside of my tummy. I guess it isn't real until you're holding them in your arms and they're staring back at you with their giant baby eyes. I'm so excited!

Tomorrow we are planning on taking a trip to the land of IKEA and looking at baby's first furniture items for the nursery, which is a big deal seeing as how we haven't really purchased anything for this room of theirs. Also, with all of the clothing and blankets we received at the baby shower, it is definitely time to do a nice round of laundry, after removing the tags if I remember to do so, and pack the sweet stuff away as we wait for our little sprout to arrive! I think as we add items to the nursery it will make the feeling really sink in, too. We're having a baby, and this is their room, and God is good, and let's sleep on the floor next to the crib and cry tears of joy for a good hour or so. Yes, let's do it. 

Some eats: breakfast has been very chocolate-loaded, as well as sprouted, chia-seed filled and fruity. I just can't get enough of Bob's Red Mill unsweetened coconut flakes, either, as you'll see. I just love how buckwheat and chia seeds have such amazing powers to fill up my tummy! And the almond milk (unsweetened) with cocoa powder tastes like dessert every time. I have to admit, though, the almond butter always makes these bowls hard to finish. I do great with portioning everything else into normal, human-sized breakfasts, and then 2 tablespoons of almond butter come into the picture and I can hardly fit the last few bites in my stomach. But alas, that's what glass tupperware and a fridge is for, no? Dessert that same evening = bfast I couldn't finish that morning. Oh joys!

A new favorite thing in the universe: adding thinly sliced sprouted tofu on my pizza with italian seasoning and loads of nutritional yeast! It comes with such a wonderful flavor and makes the pizza protein-loaded and filling. It's a good, good, great, lovely thing.
 Edu and I have been reading through the book of Psalm recently, and we're moving pretty slowly, so I proposed we try and tackle a little bit of memorization. Yes, just as if we were in Sunday school as kids and were going to win a prize next Sunday morning if we had the verse down 100% - and this is the verse from this week. I am having a hard time memorizing it because of my human being qualities (not perfect?) but every time I read it I am encouraged. I need to bring this verse to work with me and keep it in mind throughout the day - I can really see it helping me through the downs and even the joys of the "ups" - so, Nicole, friends, everyone, keep it in mind:

The Lord is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in Him, and He helps me.
My heart leaps for joy,

and with my song I praise Him.  
Psalm 28:7

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