July 11, 2012

Week 31: Pineapple Baby

Week 31
Baby is the size of a pineapple!


I will trust in YOU.
In God (I will praise His word),
in God I have put my trust
I will not fear.
What can flesh do to me?
Psalm 56:3+4

Our baby is in God's hands. He formed this new life, and His will be done with the rest of this pregnancy and with the birth. All praise and joy belongs to Him for our little sprout! It is only because of His provision that we were able to purchase baby's bedroom essentials this past fourth of July. We are so thankful and humbled before Him!

I think  it's going to really hit us hard (in a good way) once the nursery is all put together. Just a simple crib, dresser, some lovely art and possible rocking chair is all we need to transform our once "computer room" into baby's zone. Thankfully we have the same taste in home decor, colors, and design, so finding the furniture we wanted was easy as pie. Especially at IKEA! One stop shop, I tell you. It's a real gem of a store. Ikea even sells huge stuffed veggies! Pure happiness.

naturally, I show him cute veggies and he shows me a cow!!
Edu and I decided to keep the color scheme the same as it is, with a few accent colors (greens n' yellows) around the room. It was funny when we were looking at the baby's registry items and realized there was ZERO color going around. White, black, and gray - how eye popping, no? Then we imagined baby Carrillo not knowing any of his/her colors 'till they were 14, so we gave in and added a few greens. I'm so excited to have everything put together so we can start the design aspect of this room! I'm planning on doing a few paintings and framing them on the wall, instead of a mural. I am a huge fan of murals (especially the awesome, modern trees seen in many baby's rooms these days) but we both agreed that framed art will leave us with more freedom to switch things up when we desire to.

 In other news? This momma is in need of a motivation kick to jump back into exercise - full throttle! I don't mean 1 hour of sprinting  7 days a week, nor am I referring to my pre-pregnancy ways of high intensity BODY ROCK training in my garage (the gallons of sweat, can't breathe, feel amazing, 20 minute workouts). All I want is a little bit of consistency. Even if I was walking 5-7 days a week for 30 minutes to an hour - I'd be happy! But I'm not even doing that.

I'm averaging 1 day of vinyasa yoga, 1 day of strength training, and maaaybe a short jog. And I'm not feeling all that fabulous, either. I'm tired in the mornings, I feel weak, and it all makes me stop caring about food, too. It's strange what great things exercise does to you, and how crummy you feel when you get out of habit. I know I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and I don't need to prove anything to anyone. I just want to feel good, and I know baby benefits from an active mommy, too. Anyhow. Each week is different, I suppose. Maybe I'll be a rock star the following week to make up for last week's lazy beans. We'll see. Cast all your cares to Jesus.

Maybe it isn't all "lazy beans" anyhow. I really think that half of the time I am simply exhausted while, once in a blue moon, I get a touch of laziness added to the pot. I read that fatigue is 100% normal 'round these weeks of pregnancy, but it's so hard for me to accept it since it isn't at all what I had expected of the third trimester! Aren't I supposed to be over all of the icky stages that are the first trimester and into all the wonders of energy, a growing baby, the ability to run half marathons and wake up at a decent time full of energy and joy? Aren't I? Guess not.

Baby Carrillo has been very, very active lately! Play time continues to be more predictable late into the night (9-10pm) and early in the mornings (5, 6, sometimes 7am during bfast) and Edu and I love to feel his/her little limbs poking at the inside of my belly! It's pretty amazing how much movement can be seen from the outside. A friend at work caught my whole belly jumping when baby was doing on of their daytime dance moves - something super noticeable if you stare at my tummy. And it seems like our little bug  also has a thing for some good ol' fashion hymns: we played one for them the other night and the bouncing and wiggling was extreme! I tested this, and played the same song (Leaning on the Everlasting Arms) when I was visiting my mum, papa, and brother this week, and sure enough they were able to see and feel baby move! Pure joy.

the foods:
green monsters are back! frozen banana, strawberries, almond milk, prunes, kale + goodies on top.

lentil burgers made with sprouted lentils, carrot, celery, onion and flaxseed!

raw granola! sprouted buckewheat, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, prunes cut into pieces and a dehydrator working its magic.

oh toast: sprouted Ezekiel bread, mashed avocado, sprouted tempeh sauteed in coconut oil with paprika, nutritional yeast and chili powder. Oh goodness me.

breakfast with toast - almond butter, chia seeds, frozen strawberries sliced into loveliness, banana and coconut.

My midwife called recently and told me that my Vitamin D was low (but my iron is still doing well, thankfully!) and recommending I take 10,000 IU of Vit D supplement a day. This sounded like a lot to me, since I'm currently taking 2,000 + a prenatal that has 'round 500 IU, but the awesome part is that if I get 20 minutes of sunshine a day without sunscreen I can skip the extra supplement taking. I find that pretty radzolla, simply because I'm all one for finding all the nutrients you need in plants and the most natural sources possible. and shoot son, the sun is a pretty natural source, wouldn't you say?

Anyhow. Week 31, you've been fun, but I think I'm ready for week 32 to come into my life and make a delightful appearance. I've got high hopes for a more optimistic approach to the pregnant life and all it throws at me (the good, the bad, the crazy mad, the emotional, the grumpy, the glow, the highs, the lowest lows...).

See you in 9 weeks, baby!!

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