July 30, 2012

Week 33: Durian Fruit

Week 33
Baby is the size of a Durian fruit!
yes, the stinking one that you only see on T.V. when guys go to other countries and eat things that make us cringe even though we're kind of intrigued and would like to try them ourselves.

Oh goodness me! Pregnancy comes with lots of fun changes to the daily routine.

Sleeping - Each night starts the same: lie down on my left side, crab a thick pillow for between my knees, straighten out my left leg and bend my right. Fall into a deep, profound, delicious sleep. I still haven't experienced a whole lot of waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, but it happens every once in a while. I do, however, long to flip over to my right side, or onto my back, or any other position beside the default "comfortable" one, but it's usually pretty short lived since something starts aching at one point. I have thought about purchasing one of those fun body pillows that all the pregnant ladies love, but can't get myself to spend the money when I'm only going to use it for *2 months now!* and then we'll have to be creative and store it somewhere out of the way.
Eating - I think I've mentioned that I read a magazine articles about third trimester changes with meal sizes, and how they stated a "food rule" of 1.5 cups of food each meal. Since nowadays the stomach is very high, being pushed upward by the growing baby in the uterus. I can definitely see where they are coming from, too, because this mama used to LOVE herself a crazy nutrient-packed meal that was the size of an extra-large dinner plate. Well, not necessarily, but I have been known to stuff a giant amount of vegetables or fruits in my mouth in one sitting. And I have, on more than one occasion, heard someone say, "you're going to eat ALL of that?" when seeing the meal set before me. Let me tell you, those days are over. Even a banana and almonds can make me feel full at times. And sleeping with any food in me? Nonsense! I will burp it up all night, I get a heart-burn like feeling in my chest, and I struggle to find that "comfortable" position I had mentioned before. No fun, my dearies.

Running - Oh ha ha, this part is just humorous to me, I gotta say. You see, I haven't run in about 4 or 5 weeks straight because of who-knows-why. Well, I know why. Hubby and I go to Green Lake to run on Saturdays, but I've been feeling heavy and goofy, so I usually just go for a nice hour-long walk while he gets his run on. Then he went on a business trip, so there was no Saturday at the lake, and another weekend I attended a baby shower brunch, nixing, once again, our Saturday at the lake. Anyhow, Saturdays have come and gone and I've been a walker. But something was different about this past Saturday - I decided to test ye ol' body and go for a jog (notice how I did not say "run"). I named this jog "The Jog That Will Tell Me Whether or Not I Can Sign Up For an August Race Before Baby's Arrival" and commenced.

I felt great when we started, Edu jogged right by my side and quickly told me my pace was too fast and I wasn't going to be able to maintain it, so I slowed down. About 1 1/2 kilometers into it, the inevitable pee-break called and forced me to stop. This is a bad idea. For some reason, while I'm running I feel like a rock star. I don't feel the weight of the baby, or the baby bump at all, I almost feel like people say they feel when they swim - like they're floating and weightless. Which is a bit strange, since I'm bouncing up and down and swinging my arms, but it's truly how I feel when I run pregnant. The only issue, though, is when I stop - when I stop, I feel very very very pregnant, as if baby all the sudden was like "hey, what's up I weigh 19lbs and I'm pushing on your uterus so you're uncomfortable and feel like you're ripping into shreds down there" which ain't comfortable. Anyhow, I told Edu I wanted to keep going because I really do feel so feather-like when I jog. And we finished the 3 miles! 

befoooore the 3 mile extravaganza
After the 3 mile extravaganza!!

Side note: when we were about 400 meters (picture one lap on a high school track) away from finishing mile three, I felt a crazy strange Braxton-Hicks like contraction really low in my abdomen. It really felt just like a contraction would feel - like all the uterus' lower muscles were tightening up with all their strength and not releasing. I'm pretty sure they're supposed to release, c'mon now, muscles! I told Edu and he asked me if I wanted to stop completely, and I did, but I told him I would see how I felt after a few more steps. I brought the pace down and continued to slow jog and the pain went away. Oh goodness me, preparing for labor, are we?

So after the 3 miles I stopped to stretch, Edu went on a bathroom break and then sprint off to finish a good who-knows-how-many miles at his own, and my parents arrived (we had set it up that way, they didn't just appear out of the blue) so we could go for a walk. I told them about the baby trying to birth in the middle of the sidewalk earlier and told them that walking it out sounded like a good idea, even though I wanted to fall down on a large fluffy something-or-other and pass out for hours because the jog made my legs sleepy. So we went for a good 40 minute walk and waited for Edu to finish up, then met up at Starbucks and ate some snacks.
All day, though, ohhhh snap. Walking hurt, standing up after sitting hurt, all my lower abdomen muscles hurt, the baby felt like he/she was pushing on the lower part of the uterus with their head, which was wearing a spiky-helmet, which in turn felt like it was tearing the uterine walls. Not comfortable. It's so hard to wrap my head around, though. Because running feels so stinking good but the post-run achy sensation is so painful, I've got to make an executive decision. That decision? To stop running 'till after baby comes. I read online that many other running pregnant mommas experience this exact same thing - which is such a comfort, since you're always scared you're the only one and that you're a bad pregnant woman for being selfish and running even though you're killing your uterus. They would all go for a run, feel no pain until they had to stop for a bathroom break or until after the run. They way they explain their pain is the exact same way I would explain mine, aaand so - we move on.

To bigger and better things. Like strength training, pilates and yoga. Hello next 8 weeks. Hello walking on my lunch break. Goodbye running, it's been lovely.

I can't believe how close we are to the home stretch on this pregnancy. I see blogs of other pregnant gals who are in their 20th week and I truly can't remember my 20th week unless I catch up on my own old blog posts. Pregnancy is long, must say, but at the same time it flies by so fast - feels like the "morning" (all day) sickness was 2 years ago. My first ultrasound? A blur. My second ultrasound? Even more of a blur.

I do really love being pregnant, though. My body is much different than I am used to - I am now a happy owner of funny things like stretch marks, milk producers, and itchy tummy syndrome. If I'm sitting for an extended period of time and decide to stand up and place one foot in front of the other - I experience stretching, uncomfortable nerve tingling in my behind and thigh, and pain in my lower back as I walk. But honestly I am thankful for it all since it's just a subtle (or, you know, not so subtle...) reminder of the gift we have waiting for us this September. I'll take it, I'll take all of it and try to keep my grin on and my dance moves consistent!

Weight Gain: 21 pounds, baby!
Food intake: 8,000 calories/day?! (I'm feeding two, right?) Just kidding. I can hardly fit a banana in my stomach without feeling its heavy load. Mmm... bananas... remember when they used to not make me feel sick? Oh I miss the days.
Baby Movement: baby Carrillo is most active during the morning time (7-8am) and nighttime (8-10pm). He/she fancies a karate chop, a high kick, gymnastic-like twirls and turns, and mommy feels every single one of them. Hooray!
Ezekiel tortilla, pasta sauce, sauteed veg + tempeh with nutritional yeast, garlic, onion and italian seasoning. Oh me oh my this was good!
Regular green juice: kale, lemon, orange, ginger, pineapple + blender.

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