August 15, 2012

Week 35: Coconut Baby

Week 35
Baby is the size of a coconut!
17-19 inches
4-6 pounds!

This is really, truly happening. As I type this, I am 35 and a half weeks with baby in my uterus, floating (not so much, more like squished and bothered by it!), and we could be meeting our first baby girl or boy any day now. I don't wish this upon them, you see, for baby should reach week 37 before they are considered "full-term" but hey, with all my due dates, I am full term! I'm either 35 1/2 weeks, 36 1/2 weeks, 36 3/4 weeks, or 37 weeks pregnant. You be the judge! Pick your favorite number, and we'll go with that one.

Life has been full of weekend baby showers, braxton hicks that make me stop in the middle of the parking lot and whine like a wee-baby (or something similar) and non-stop baby movement every time I take a bite of food. Midwife appointments are going to be weekly occurrences starting next week (woohoo!) and I've decided to encapsulate my placenta for postpartum consumption. You know, all your basic home-stretch pregnancy things, no biggie. Okay, okay, I'll go into detail about the placenta eating business. But first, let's have a run down on the rest of week 35.

Sleep: I would say I am sleeping pretty well. Definitely on my side, with the pillow under my knee. The only change to my sleeping ways is the "let's wake up 8 times a night to flip over, but not in a way that I can do while in deep sleep mode, but in a way that requires complete brain awareness, alertness, in order to move the pillow, adjust the other pillow, not hit hubby with pillow, and make sure I am not under the bedsheets whatsoever - because that makes this mami-to-be very warm. And uncomfortable. and restless. and grumpy." - but bathroom breaks aren't bothersome, just once a night usually. and I have not woken up, out of breath, realizing I'm lying on my back and have been for (x) amount of hours, causing dizziness, lightheaded feelings for me and baby, and pure danger. Hooray!

Exercise: I'm still trying to get myself out of bed even 30 minutes early for some prenatal strength training, kettle bell, or yoga, but never do such thing. I am walking often during the work week (for Vitamin D intake and "fitness") and Saturdays I definitely make it a must to get in that prenatal DVD in the morning since I have bucket loads of free time and zero rush! Oh, to set aside more time Monday through Friday for a sweat session - maybe when baby is 1 year old. Maybe when I'm 40. I haven't a clue.

Appetite: Yeah boy! Avoiding sweets in the AM because of the nausea they leave behind. This means light on the bananas, which really means zero banana consumption, and no cereal with almond milk, or even a tortilla with fruit and almond butter with fig jam. All are big no-no's in my appetite. I am sticking to green juice (kale, lemon, pineapple, orange, ginger, water, ice) and a handful of walnuts/prunes. Then a mid-morning snack of frozen banana oat bar, since my tummy handles those things later in the day. And then lunch, and I inhale every last bite, then I find myself hungry in the afternooners, eat some hummus and carrots n' Mary's Gone Crackers, then dinner. But I always over-do it at dinner because I'm a pregnant rock star I s'pose.

Mood: Happy! Excited. Ready for baby. Work is a handful, so it messes with my mood quite often. I like to fake cry, even if I really want to cry on the inside. I'm grumpy if we stay up too late, or if I can't get out of bed in the AM. I fill up with joy when reading the Bible and going for sunshine walks on my lunch break. I like rubbing my tummy. Edu and I like to talk to baby Carrillo and watch him/her kick us in return. It's a beautiful occasion.

See how stressful this work environment is?! The insanity of it all!

Energy: On and off, but mainly on fatigue. I really think it has to do with not working out in the morning, since I start off my morning at slug speed and never really pick up the pace until I'm typing my blog once a week (seriously, my fingers are flying like little fleas on a dog's back) (seriously, gross way of putting it but I mean I am typing like a mad woman because I want to get into bed with my spouse and sleep and talk to our baby and find the "ultimate relaxation" position like Bradley's Method teaches us!). I need a pregnant cross-fit trainer in my garage at all times. Train me. Be a loud, demanding trainer to this pregnant woman that loves her pillow unnecessarily.

Weight Gain: I lost a pound this week, but I think it has to do with all the sunshine and sweating time I am getting in these days. Also, at baby showers I am often over-stimulated and slightly nervous and awkward, so I sweat buckets the entire time. This is how you burn calories, my friends. Even when you're binging on strawberries and white bread. It just happens. So - official weight gain (kinda) is still at 20 lbs even. Except for the afternoons in which I find myself eating grotesque amounts of corn and salt (read: tortilla chips) at work, at which point I'd say weight gain is up to 25+ pounds. This is how we do it!

Edema: Swollen feet are still greeting this mama daily. It's been pretty subtle since the sun took a break for a day (or an hour) and I have been trying to stay off my feet (kinda) once I get home. I did cook for a few hours this evening, though, and I found myself with swollen elephant feet and sausage toes shortly after. There was also much sweat involved. This period in time was followed by elevated feet and a fan, which quickly took down all swelling and discomfort. Happy pregnant lady.

Placenta Encapsulation: This post is taking me too long, so I'll write about this another day. Just Google it, you'll learn everything that I did. Google is sweet.

Nursery: FINALLY! Finished a few paintings for baby's room, looking at tackling a homemade slip cover for the rocker (we bought a rocker off Craigslist that just so happened to be discontinued, so instead of easily purchasing a new slip cover we are forced to make our own. I love the challenge. and the crafty aspect. Let's do this). We are trying to organize all of baby's clothes, seeing what is left to purchase before their arrival. Speaking of which, if they do arrive these next few weeks, we don't have the car seat installed. So we'll be walking everywhere. Including places that are 40 miles away. It's just bound to happen. Maybe I should go ahead and contact the car seat lady these next few days. Fire stations install car seats for free as well, but usually by appointment only and our midwife recommended a local lady who comes to your house to install it. Sounds good to me!

Labor and Delivery: I'm ready. I'm not ready. But I noticed earlier today when I felt a strong Braxton Hicks I tensed up almost instantly. Bradley teaches the laboring woman to relax every inch of her body, breath deeply through each contraction, and make it over the "wave' as the cervix opens up. I'm lovin' on the practice - even if it does force me to make funny faces while I'm waking. Braxton Hicks, bring it!

Food: yes. just look (lentil quinoa burgers, cashew ricotta pizza over quinoa flaxseed crust, green juice, quinoa oat kamut waffles, veggie-loaded pizza with wheat crust, quinoa pancakes with green food powder and carob almond butter drizzle) 

For the Word of the Lord is right,
and all His work is done in truth.
He loves righteousness and justice;
the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord.
Psalm 33:4-5

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