August 24, 2012

Week 36: Honeydew Baby!

Week 36
Baby is the size of a honeydew!
averaging: 17-19 inches, 4-6 lbs
For God alone my soul waits in silence,
from Him comes my salvation.
He only is my Rock and my Salvation,
my fortress; I shall not be shaken.
Psalm 62:1-2

oh week 36! How have you already greeted us, how is time moving so quickly? To know we only have 3 more days this week, it's pure crazy-beans! So this week has been a wee-bit uncomfortable at times. The constant headaches from my childhood have decided to return to my life at full throttle. It's starting to feel strange to not have a headache since they've been so consistent this week and I'm simply used to feeling their discomfort. I praise GOD through it all, though, because the frequent pain really brings my thoughts and prayers to Him more often. And being in communication with Jesus throughout a challenging workday is a huge blessing that always strengthens my weary self (physically, mentally, spiritually, you name it).
Check out the growth on that baby! I had an appointment with my lovely midwife on Monday to celebrate 36 weeks! We chose to celebrate with Strep B tests and talk of "when to page us now that you're so close to giving birth" scenarios. She reminded us of the to-buy list she had given us for all that one needs at your typical homebirth (bulk wash clothes, items for baby that most expecting-parents already have like diapers and baby clothes, frequently stumbled upon household items like q-tips and ibuprofen, extra towels and sheets, sanitary pads, etc). We are told to have everything ready by week 37 since baby is full term at that time, and that it thiiiis Monday so we've got to start gathering the goods! The appointment was short and sweet, and we'll now see the midwife on a weekly basis until baby's arrival. Sweet!

Baby's position: head down, back to my right side, feet to my left.
Baby's size: right at 36 weeks, not measuring big or small.
Baby's heart: 120
Baby's playtime: 7:30am & 9:00pm

Eduardo and I have been reading about a Bradley birth (see: Husband Coached Birth and/or Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way) and we're now on the labor section of the book. It's turning out to be so fascinating! We read about the emotional signposts of labor and their important role in telling mommy-to-be and family when baby might make an appearance (along with dilation, and how far apart contractions are). It's super exciting, and I sound craaazy when I say this but I'm kinda stoked about this how labor thing. I know I have no idea how intense the contractions are going to be - but I do feel like the Bradley book has equiped this mama and her hubby with loads of birthing tools. It's all mental, it requires deep relaxation and concentration, it's extreme!

Another fascinating handful of thoughts from the midwife is that birth is very much like participating in an endurance sport. There's training involved in the form of a mental training, preparing yourself mentally for what is ahead since training physically isn't as easy. You have to fuel right before, during and after the event, just like Edu has his special breakfast pre-marathon, his sports drinks and water during the race, and his awesome meal post run. And when you think you can't "push" yourself any further, you must, and you do, and you feel amazing once you hit the finish line! There are, in fact, some physical preparations I've been taking part in. I've been trying to keep up with my kegals to strengthen ye ol' pelvic floor and make all down there much stronger for birth, as well as getting down to squatting position each morning and evening while I brush my teeth, and some other stretches for miss perineum's sake! But I don't think that, even if I had been able to run much more consistently throughout this pregnancy, running or weight lifting would have helped me for birth at all. I do think they would make the jump back onto fitness wagon post-baby an easier transition - but hey! It's not too late to get back into that habit, either.

Speaking of fitness and such: I was able to get myself out of bed yesterday and today just 15 minutes early, walk down to the garage, and do a little strength training! I did a handful of moves with a 10lb kettle bell (squats, lunges, biceps and triceps curls, other weird things that make me feel strong and don't make my baby hurt inside utero) and stretched a little afterward. It's not necessarily to bulk up and look like a hot pregnant woman, it's more for a surge of good-feeling endorphins and a better way to wake myself up before taking on the day. I also have been struggling with headaches these past two weeks and am hoping that by working out (even a little) in the AM will jump-start my day and prevent those icky headaches. Also, I've been walking almost daily during my lunch breaks Monday through Friday. Weekends I'm still sticking with the hubby he tackles his long-distance runs at Green Lake while I take a leisurely walk. So much joy!

Here's what baby and mommy have been eating lately:
a) pinto bean brown rice pizza (Brendan Brazier's recipe)
Ezekiel bun, avocado, sprouted tofu cooked with nutritional yeast and paprika, bell pepper for crunch, roasted sweet potato and russet fries!
c) seaweed salad with avocado and cucumber sushi with a fantastic friend! I ate this twice, then another veg roll, and some edamame joy!
d) oat/quinoa waffles with almond butter, peach, banana, nut butter.

Happy almost 37 weeks!!

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