September 28, 2012

Anticipating the Weekend

Happy Friday! Santi and I are very happy this day has finally arrived because it means we get to spend not one but two full days with papa Carrillo. We love our papa Carrillo, miss him madly Monday through Friday, and find so much joy in these two short but oh-so-sweet days at the end of each week. Here's to it being 7:00pm tonight, Edu arriving home from work + Costco shopping, and a complete familia of three, happy as little toads.

Today Santi and I finally crawled out of bed around 10:30am. I'm trying to "sleep in" to make up for the interesting, yet normal, newborn nighttime routine of getting up 4,000 times to feed and change bebe's diaper, but it's not really working. You see, I feed him and feed him some more, I can keep my eyes closed and all, but to actually fall asleep? That won't happen until he is finished eating, he is transferred to his rock n' play, and my pillows are re-organized to non-nursing status (one under my head, one against the headboard, one between my legs or simply squished in my embrace as I hug it tenderly). Of course, little Puma has his moments of, "oh snap, I only ate for 20 minutes on the left side, I have an itch for another 15 minutes on the right side, so I'm going to wake up IMMEDIATELY!" So he does, and so do I. and by wake up, on my part, I really just mean I open one eye and hope he'll go back to sleep but shortly realize his baby-dinosaur squeaks are escalating to more of a T-Rex bear roar - if I don't pick him up and help him latch. Instant content baby - almost every time.

We also attempted, once again, for the fifteenth time, the Moby Wrap. I don't think he is supposed to be able to hang his head outside of it, or leave a foot between him and my chest. I'm a bad mom, putting my 2 week baby in danger. Thanks, Moby wrap, you're a gem! Anyhow, I've decided to give it a try once or twice a day, 'till it finally works - which might be when he is a toddler and too big for the dang thing. Like a friend recently said, it's like origami but with a baby included. It's a $45 piece of black fabric, that was cut nicely and hemmed at the edges. It's a disaster for this new momma, but a disaster that I am willing to embrace until it becomes pure magic. I know the day will arrive, people have told me it has. So we're being patient. and laughing a lot along the way.
Today I was able to do something fun for the first time since my pregnancy days! I cleaned the bathrooms (yaaaaaayyy??) like a normal human being! I fed Santi, placed him in his fun bouncer thing, and commenced to: toilets. Of course, he decided he wanted to eat almost that very minute so I washed my hands and the poisonous chemicals off of them (for the record, we use organic soy toilet bowl cleaner, but still) and fed the little lion. After 4 years, or about 25 minutes (with burping and rest breaks in between) I was able to return to cleaning and finished in record time! It was fun business. Only because it felt good to help out the hubby who has had to do all things wifey for the past week or so since my mum has returned back to work. Life is, shall I say, back to normal? Nah, normal is boring. Life is back to Mrs.Carrillo being able to clean bathrooms, I guess. 
I have been eating like a giant mammal recently. Like a huge mammal whose appetite can never truly be satisfied by human food. During nighttime feeding with baby, I am always chugging down water as if it's been weeks since I've had anything to drink. Then, every morning around 6:00am or 7:00am, I get hit with mass hunger so I grab some walnuts, prunes and a banana, with the occasional carob date ball (made by yours truly, living in the freezer for easy access) or salted peanut ball (made by my rock star friend who makes all things from her brain without recipes and they always turn out fantastic). Then I do my sleeping, more nursing baby, and more half sleeping, and breakfast happens. But today I decided to simply skip to lunch since it was getting so late in the mornin' - and once breakfast/lunch went down the hatch, I swear I didn't stop eating. I haven't stopped eating until about 20 minutes ago when I had what seemed a lot like a second lunch the size of a large dinner and now I can hardly sit because of it. Whew. Bring on the calories, right? Am I still eating for two?

The girls at church have a ministry specifically for new-parents, where they bring meals to the family every other day for a week or two. It has been such a lovely blessing to not have to cook every day! Although, I did cook pizza the other day, so we've found ourselves with a little too much food in the fridge, the majority of which has been directed straight to the freezer for later consumption. On the menu for this week, courtesy of the lovely ladies at Alderwood Community Church:

enchilada casserole with pasta, beans, veggies, and chips on the side
* brown rice garbanzo casserole with apple and autumn flavors
* quinoa salad with pecans and bell pepper
* vegan calzones that live in the freezer so I have no idea what they contain but they smell like heaven
* spinach salad with an I'm-not-sure poppy seed vinaigrette, cranberries and pear
* vegetable soup with spring greens, garden-fresh tomatoes and vegan cupcakes
* bean n' potato n' veggie dish courtesy of my rad friend that makes the frozen salty peanut balls. Oh joys!

So, with that list of dishes and another meal coming our way tomorrow, you can see how I've been eating enough for 4 people each meal. I don't want to waste the food, throw it away, or freeze every single dish. I want to enjoy it, and enjoy each of them I (we) have. It's been fun trying new vegan meals and being inspired to attempt new recipes in the kitchen soon!

Now we let the food digest, we nap, we rest, and wait for papa to come home from work (he's actually home right now on his lunch break, but we only have his sweet presence for a few more minutes before he's out the door again). Personally, though, all I want at this moment is a deep, profound nap, with baby Jamesito in my arms, or by my side, without any worry or care, enjoying motherhood by the minute instead of being grumpy about "yet another cry for some of momma's milk" when I feel like I just.fed.him.

Happy Friday, once again, and happy day 15 of being a stay at home mom (i.e. a generally happy gal who loves each moment with her baby when he is awake, but when he is asleep she finds herself staring emotionless and lonely-like at the nearest wall or light fixture).

Oh give thanks to the LORD,
for He is good, 
for His steadfast love endures forever!
Psalm 107:1

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  1. Hi Nicole, I love your honesty and love reading! I used the Moby wrap and it was a little hard at first but oh boy is it nice once you get the hang of it, it is like wow, I have hands again! I realized it was easiest to put it on me first, and put it on as TIGHT as possible, so tight that you think baby won't squeeze in. Then I would get Tyler, fold down one of the diagonally across pieces, and tuck legs in first, then fold the piece back around his back/head till he was nicely cacooned, and I usually let the diagonal piece just rest right across his head so he was mostly under but still had plenty of breathing room. It is so nice for at home, out and about, etc...keep trying you will love it eventually!
    We still use it front facing with Tyler's legs and arms out on walks sometimes...although he is getting heavy! Have fun and enjoy this special new time.