September 3, 2012

Labor Day Surprises

...Oh goodness me, there weren't actually any surprises, I'm just messing with the 4 people that read my blog. I didn't in fact give birth on labor day - although we all had high hopes of it happening! Saturday night I did, however, experienced my very first full on contractions while Edu and I were watching a movie. They started at 8:58pm and lasted for a full minute, but only came and went once every hour or hour n' a half. We quickly downloaded the Contractions App on hubby's iPhone - just in case the contractions changed to something more regular. But guess what? nothing happened but strange 60 second-ish contractions every few hours all through the night! Isn't that looney? I won't lie, I got nervous - can I do this? Why have I been so excited for this? Why does it all suddenly seem so scary? Why does it feel like I am going to start my period? (yes, the mild contractions are exactly like menstrual cramps!) and - should I call my mom over? I never did.

It was kinda funny, actually. I'm definitely a nervous first-timer! I feel like a newb at the whole thing - scared like a wee girl, and now that the "is this really happening?!" night has come and gone, I'm back to being really excited to birth this baby, whenever they do decide to greet the world. I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow and I'm hoping she doesn't ask to check my cervix or anything, 'cause shoot son - all it does is make the pregnant woman anticipate progress, and upon hearing anything more than "you're 1cm dilated!" makes our hopes rise only to be shot down 6 days later when labor hasn't started.
Read "Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way" and know: dilation tells you nothing about when baby is going to arrive. You do have to be 10cm to birth, but you could also be at 5cm for 6 days - ya hear? So even though I'm *shhh* stoked to know I measured 2cm dilated last Monday (that's a whole week from now - I could easily be at 7cm by now, right?!) I also know that I could be at 2cm 'till the third week of September. I'm accepting the facts. and wondering how long the contraction I'm feeling at this very second is going to last and if I should grab the contraction app. Won't do it. Baby is not comin' tonight, I'm sure of it! ...or will they? hey baby Carrillo, do you want to crown tonight? That would be fantastic!

Anyhow. I was going to make this a "look what we ate!" quickie post on labor day weekend's delicious side - but apparently all I think about is giving birth. Silly lady. Let's still look at the bites, shall we?

Food. Brought to you by Nikon.
a) frozen nanner cubes: banana, extra dark cocoa powder, kamut puffs, chia seeds, oats, cinnamon
b) burger day: black rice + lentil patties, ezekiel sprouted buns, the goods.
c) green joy: kale, orange, lemon, pineapple, ginger, water
d) nanner split? banana, almonds butter, cinnamon, sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, raisins
e) fresh bowl o' beans: pinto beans, garlic, onion, salt into a: pressure cooker topped with hubby's salsa
f) banana hemp + buckwheat granola from Happyolks
g) veg pizza: [crust] wheat flour, h2o, yeast, flax, water. [sauce] tomato puree, garlic, onion, italian seasoning, coconut oil, salt. [toppings] sauce, nutritional yeast, bell pepper, zucchini, sprouted tofu, italian seasoning, serrano chili peppers,
h) quinoa almond muffins from No Meat Athlete
i) chocolate energy balls from Raw Live Style
j) no-bake peppermint bars from Oh She Glows

 incredible. let's eat and birth babies.

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