September 25, 2012

Life with Baby

Goodness me. He's 12 days old already!
I wish I had been blogging every single day since our wee-babe came into the world. I can hardly remember even a slight detail about his first week, let alone the first days of his second week. How do blogging mommies do it? For example, Kath at Kath Eats Real Food & Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point - just became mommies this Summer and blog about it daily if not, more than once a day. I know it's not healthy to compare ourselves to others - but shoot son! I wish I had it in me. Or was motivated enough... honestly I have had a few spare minutes each day, where I guess I could have should have blogged about this new life but I chose not to blog. I chose to sleep, to eat, to cook for the hubby, to try and figure out the Moby Wrap with little Jamesy-boo inside. So, blog, you're dear to me. But it's going to be a while until I return to regular posts - or maybe this specific post will be enough push to make me start right away. I'll try. or maybe I'll just continue to hang out with Santi and learn how to be a stay at home mommy for three months. We'll see.
Oh, he just pooped. Our baby has amazing bowel movements! PS: Bum Genius cloth diapers failed - twice today. He peed right through 'em! I think he might be too small for them, even though he's over 8lbs and that's the requirement for the newborn size. Alas, we're all learning. Maybe I put them on upside down. Hubby really wants to switch back to disposable, but I hear cloth diapers + wipes are absolutely dreaaamy once you get the hang of them. Once again, we'll see!

Happy half-way-through-the-work-week and we-get-to-spend-a-whole-weekend-with-papa-soon day! Here's to a future with laws that daddy's get 3 months paid paternity leave when their wee-baby is born. And, hey, maybe mommy could get a months worth pay, too? No? A week? An hour? I dream.


  1. He is beautiful and he is such a blessing, I can't believe he is almost 2 weeks old, love the pic of baby and Papa : )

  2. hang in there with cloth. we didnt start til mine was 2 months old because he was too small, but even then there were a few leaks and such. disposables are handy at first but once hes chunked up a little you will fall in love with cloth (and the money saving too). enjoy your moments and dont worry about blogging them. God bless!