September 26, 2012

Little Puma's First Day: Bath

Today is day 13. I'm sleepy. I could be sleeping, since the babe is, but I'd rather blog. I have a full day to sleep, don't I? Oh, on sleep: The first few nights blurred together with the first few days. I cannot remember how well he slept at night, but I do remember him sleeping a lot during the day. I can try to recall his nights during that first week, and when I do, I see visions of me hearing his squeaky "pay attention to me" noises, picking him up, and feeding him. I tried remembering which side he fed on last, to keep the "girls" even, and he did a pretty good job latching. He would fall back asleep after a few minutes or a few 10 minutes, and I would fall back asleep as well. Only for a short while, though, from 1 hr to 1.5 hours. Edu and I were so happy to have him in our lives that we didn't care, we just laughed the screaming episodes away. Carefree. Not yet sleep deprived. It would catch up with us soon. This are our first few days with the little monkey. Let's try and re-cap, shall we?

Birth day: pink, bruised skin, silly gender-neutral hat, peaceful sleeper. Lover of life. Content in every way, making everyone who holds him immediately fill up with love and peace - he seriously just poured out this joy into people! Greatest day of our lives.
Papa Carrillo couldn't believe this little being was finally here, after we had been talking to him and kissing him on my belly for so many months. Our little Puma was in our arms, staring up at us, making sucking noises with his mouth and dinosaur squeaks when he wanted to eat. We fell in love.
Grandma was so over-joyed. I can't believe how freshly-born Santi's hair looks here. This was after we contemplated his adorable face, hands, feed, nose, ears, mouth, and eyes for about 18 million hours. We decided it was time for a bath, his hair had just-born stuff stuck in it and grandma wanted to clean it out. I didn't see any rush in giving him his first full-body bath, but I think she was just excited to use the tub she bought us. That, and, she really wanted to comb out his luscious black locks with the baby brush. She wanted to treat her first grandson to a complimentary spa day!
He hated it. We took off his clothes and discovered his very first meconium stool. Pitch black, sticky, hard to clean - I feel like we were at it with the wipes for days but it was just because he was screaming on the top of his baby-lungs for the first time, so we wanted to hurry the process but could not do so. Then he peed. His first really good, really concentrated urine - straight up into the air, onto my arm and shirt, onto the floor - all in a matter of milli-seconds before we realized what was happening and covered him with the diaper. We couldn't help but laugh. For about 20 minutes. or 20 seconds, give or take. My mom had already "filled" the tub with warm water, but by the time he was changed out of meconium/concentrated pee land, the water was much much cooler and he screamed at us for it. Then the tub fell into toddler setting. It has little legs on it and the middle section pops up or down depending on baby's size. The legs come down and the middle section pops down for toddler, and the legs stay up in locked/hidden position with the middle section in upward-locked position for newborn. I had pulled the legs down, and left the middle section in high position. My mom leaned on it ever so slightly with bebe in her hands and it fell into toddler setting. We all jumped. I stopped taking pictures. Baby Jamesy screamed 8 octaves higher.
He was so so so happy, and so so traumatized once it was over! And so was his mamma and grandma, to be honest. Oh goodness, though, the smell that the Burt's Bees shampoo left in his hair was magical. He smelled like fresh baby, which to me smells like clouds, cotton, and the color pastel blue, just sayin'. He was lovely, we all forgot about the insane bath experience, and were once again filled with newborn-baby endorphins and postpartum oxytocin.
I loved changing his clothes for the first time! It's so fun having loads of adorable baby clothing hanging in the closet for months and finally being able to dress our little chimp in 'em (and I call him monkey in the most affectionate, loving way...)! Every outfit completely changes how he looks, he transforms from one babe to another and I love it. And with all his diaper blow-outs (hasn't happened that often) and random pees-out-of-the-diaper and momma's-milk-all-ovah-his-front-side, we change his clothes a few times a day sometimes - hooray for being able to put these outfits to good use!
Today wasn't the easiest day of my life. Momma is sleepy, papa is sleepy, baby is sleepy, but eating so so well and sleeping like a rock during the day and pooping like a gem - so we have to give thanks and praise our Awesome God for all His gifts! At the same time, we need to be wise parents and sleep when daytime allows, especially after sleepless evenings occur (every evening?) - but it's hard. I don't always want to sleep, I would rather stare at baby Santi, or eat, or cook, or visit with family and friends, or blog, or check other girl's blogs, or read about breastfeeding, or watch YouTube videos about cloth diapering. Ah, discipline. Ah, the pillow. G'night, moon. Baby's wake up time? About 20 minutes from now, I'd assume, for a good evening meal. Here's to 20 minutes of rich dreaming on a Wednesday night. Taking life hour by hour.

The LORD is my Strength and my Song, 
and He has become my salvation; 
this is my God, and I will praise Him, 
my father's God, and I will exalt Him. 
Exodus 15:2

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