September 30, 2012

Papa Runs a 10K

Sunday the Carrillo household woke up early for Edu's first race as a papa. Ever since we found out we were expecting a wittle baby, Edu has talked about how they'll be at the races we run and soon they'll be winning the Kid's 1K fun runs that go on before (or sometimes after) the grand events. He can't get enough of that - it's so cute to imagine Santi all growed up with a little race bib on! He, however, was not super stoked about leaving the house early. Actually, that's a lie. He didn't care. He was happy to be fed, well rested, and bundled up for wherever-the-heck we were headed.

 This child loves himself a carseat! He might make a few squeaky what-are-you-doing-to-me noises when we transfer him in/out of the seat, but once he's buckled up and covered with a blanket he is so happy! Until, of course, we hit a really long stop light. Then he might get a little grumpy, especially when he hasn't had a good milky-meal in a while. But that's only happened once and we were literally one light away from our destination, so a little feeding in the car went down and he was back to his happy, carseat-loving self.

Grandma and Grandpa Matthews (my papa and mama) joined us on this crispy, sunny Sunday morning race. It was fun doing something "normal" that we have done so many times without baby, and now we're joined by this fun little guy! I tried doing everything just as I have always done: be the photographer, take hubby's pre-race photo, wait at the starting line, snap a dozen good ones, hang out in the meantime, catch the first placers, count them to see where Edu is, and scream "TE AMOOOO" (I love you in Spanish) when I see Edu nearing the finish, then photograph his arrival 8 times to see if I get a good shot or not. 

Of course, having a baby changes everything, so here's what really happened: arrive a little late to the race since papa bear was a sleepy one and couldn't get himself to arise when the alarm clock sound, grab his pre-race gear and shove it in a stroller, meet with grandma/grandpa, stand in the sun while papa Carrillo does a quick warm up pre-race, take a picture (maybe?), wait at the starting line, take a bunch of pictures with grandma holding onto stroller, hang out, use the restroom a few times, walk around Sports Authority with baby in stroller, get a mini-panic attack when baby Santiago decides to fuss a little in the store, move stroller around to soothe him, wait at the starting line for the first place finishers, hear baby ask for breakfast, accept grandma's help in getting the nursing cover on and baby latched onto his endless supply of milk, hand camera over to grandpa to take pictures, also put grandpa in charge of counting the finishers to see where Edu places, see Edu while I somewhat struggle to get baby to catch under a cover with all my layers of clothes on (sorry, Santi), let out a mini-shout not to freak out the baby but to support the hubby, continue to feed as all 3 of us look like lost deer, hunting with all our might for papa, the runner (Pumita would have helped us look for papi but he was lost in a breastfeeding frenzy and didn't really know what was going on).

 Edu had an amazing race, beat his personal 10K race record and brought it down to 36:08, we tackled Whole Foods with great success, ate some amazing tortilla soup prepared by a lovely friend, Beth, from church, and called it a night after my rad cousin his awesome wifey came to visit Mr. Santiguin in all his sleeping and breastfeeding glory (he fed twice while they were here - it was a pity they didn't get to see his face more!). A lovely weekend, indeed.

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  1. I love these race days, how fun it was with baby Santiago in the stroller :) Love seeing Edu beat his record in race time, and seeing you accomplish feeding baby with people everywhere ha ha. Can't wait for the next race :)