September 6, 2012

We Made a Nursery!

All glory and honor to GOD who filled our lives with amazing people that provided most of baby's clothes and necessary items. We are so thankful for His provision in this, it's hard to prepare for a new life when all you have is an empty room (or, in our case, a room with a printer, desk, chair, and laptop) and no where to put your baby to sleep. But God truly blessed us and guided both of us in all these expenses, and we're so humbled by Him!

Enjoy the tour, friends (or, you know, the "look what we did from almost start to finish and and and we're excited and look we made a nursery").

oh, then the "oh snap, these diaper bins don't fit under the crib" issue. quickly resolved by a search on Google and a cheap purchase from Amazon! 
Pail liners from Amazon, I love the idea of washing them with the cloth wipes/diapers, and having 2 on hand so while one is washing the other can re-line the laundry bin. I'm so thankful for new-mommy and old-time-mommy's blogs! They gave me so many tips and tricks!
Most of the cloth wipes were given to us with the hand-me-down Bum Genius diapers, then we purchased a bunch of baby wash clothes from Amazon (cheapest price for the most wash clothes!) and have those for wipes, as well. I'm excited for it! The yellow Bum Genius diapers show a comparison of a newborn diaper and a 3-ish year old kiddo's diaper size. The liner in the middle of the diaper folds and snaps to size, too. Hooray!
Baby showers are nothing other than blessings, but goodness me- can you say overwhelmed? Removing tags and hangers, washing, folding, sorting and storing was fun! 
Disastrous drawers before:
Beautiful drawers after (thank you, IKEA!):


We have nothing to hide: almost everything you see is from IKEA or Craigslist's IKEA - it's such an affordable price to buy everything there, and they have the colors and styles we loooove so why look anywhere else? Storage is joyous! and kid hangers are goofy! And... we installed a shelf! 
Toys and sleepers, blankets and swaddlers, sheets and things live here now:
I know we all do it the same, but I wouldn't have if I hadn't seen it on 8,000 blogs. I stole the idea, but don't we all? Oh, it's just me? Well shoot. I love (actually, I should say we love this idea for a book "shelf" - the books are out of harms reach, but pleasing to the eye. Oh, baby, you want to read a book? Oh, you want to pull it off your shelf and eat it when we're not looking? too bad. Let's just read it.  
Overall we're very happy with the little monkey's room. We have the freedom to switch up the color scheme or decor whenever we want (especially because there hardly is any of either) and it's calm, peaceful and open. Happy baby-you-can-come-now time! You can appear any day now. Really! We won't hold it against you, we promise.

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