September 4, 2012

Week 38: Pumpkin Baby!

Week 38
Baby is the size of a pumpkin!
Average length: 18.9-20.9 inches
Average weight: 6.2-9.2 lb.

I'm tired, I won't lie or try to cover it up in date-sweetened frosting or coconut flakes. I'm ready to meet our baby, I'm ready for the 60 second contractions to be followed by more contractions, and then more after that, and ones following those that force me to lie down and breath deeply. I'm ready for my water to break all over the floor, or the carpet I stand on, or our Ikea bed, or the bathroom tiles, or the shower's floor, or the kitchen's floor, or the garage, or at the grocery store, or at church.... I'm ready to try this whole birth thing out. I'm ready for baby to meet his/her papa, I'm ready to see their little face, I'm ready to work at breast feeding. I'm ready to kiss them and learn to hold them even though they're so tiny that I'm worried I'll drop them. I'm ready to keep my eyes on Jesus during all the challenges of those first weeks, or months, or years. I'm ready for sleepless nights that may be inevitable. I'm ready to be a mommy.

But baby Carrillo seems to have other plans. Baby Carrillo wants to stay in the womb, hang out in the darkness, the safe, comfy sac of amniotic fluid that has yet to rupture. Baby loves hearing mami and papi from a short distance, baby enjoys being supplied with all the nutrients they need through their friend, the umbilical cord. Baby likes kicking the walls of the uterus gently and pushing on my ribcage once in a while, just to remind me they are doing well. Baby fancies the perfect temperature inside my belly, doesn't want a daily bath yet, and isn't into the idea of clothing or outfit changes. Baby is perfectly content inside the big bag of muscles called the uterus - and baby can't ready my mind, so I can't be angry at them for not exiting the birth canal right now. Our little sprout simply isn't ready yet.

Our soul waits for the Lord, 
He is our help and our shield. 
For our heart is glad in Him, 
because we trust in His Holy Name. 
Let Your steadfast love, O Lord, 
be upon us, even as we hope in You.
Psalm 33:20-22

Amen and amen!

PS: We also saw miss Cindie, the midwife today. It was a joyous occasion, as per usual. My mom, hubby and I look forward to these appointments each week! It's a bummer that hubs can't always make it because of his work schedule, but having my mom there makes it special and fun, so I feel blessed to have her at my side during these baby-in-my-belly check ups.

Baby stats:
Measuring: 38 weeks
HR: "sounds great!" (we didn't ask number)
Position: head down, butt up, legs kicking my left

Signs of labor:
Contractions: many over the weekend (one hour apart lasting about a minute each overnight Saturday + a few here and there these past few days)
Mucus plug: has left the building! Hooray!
Water: still hanging out with baby

So one thing I misunderstood was the whole water breaking thing. I had thought that it was the first sign of labor and that all I needed was a nice fountain of liquid to burst open in order for things to get down to business. But guess what? We asked our midwife and she said that 70% of the time the water breaks during labor! As in, that will very unlikely be the first thing that happens on labor day. Silly me! As I lost ye ol' baby jelly fish today at work (re: mucus plug) I was sure that the very next event to take place would be water breakage on my computer chair at work - and I am so wrong! Of course, the water could break any moment now, but it also could break at 7cm while I'm in labor and have been for 6 hours. It's nice knowing that I don't have to be bummed out as I wait for true labor to start. I'm thankful for wise people!

Anyhow. All we do is wait at this moment. And try not to eat all the veggie burgers I made and stocked the freezer with for post-partum dinners and lunches. And get excited. And dance. And sing. And wiggle my belly. And go to sleep each night telling baby to stay in the womb because we're sleepy. And waking up each morning feeling bummed out that baby didn't come the previous night. And telling people at work, "yeeeeppp" when they say, "you're still here?!". And telling people at work, "noppeee...." when they see me and say, "no baby yet?!". So, let's wait. And ignore the contractions that are secretly and unknowingly opening my cervix's door to 8cm and known of us have a clue ahahah - sweet! Baby's coming! Just joking. Don't get excited, I'm a liar.

Praise God from whom all blessings, and perfect timing, flows! 

Feed baby:
  1. rice paper rolls, zucchini, bell pepper, green cabbage, carrots, edamame on the side. [sauce] sunflower seeds, almond butter, ginger, Liquid Aminos, serrano chili, garlic, onion, coconut water (see Whole Foods recipe).
  2. buckwheat noodles, raw zucchini + broccoli, spring roll dipping sauce turned into the pasta sauce!
  3. buckwheat cooked like oats in almond milk, cinnamon, raisins, and a fruity nutty topping.


  1. You are the cutest!!! And I can't wait to meet baby :)

  2. PS the food looks amazing!!!!