October 4, 2012

Leche Wednesday.

First off, Tuesday's lunch + nighttime sweet bowl while feeding the three-week old monkey! Lentil burgers (cooked lentils, brown rice, chili powder, garlic n' onion powder, paprika, salt n pepper, quinoa flour and chia seeds) with mustard, ketchup, guacamole (avocado, hubby's salsa, fresh lime juice) with sweet potato fries (recipe video in the making!!) and a second burger with a cabbage-leaf bun. Serrano chili on the side, because we like it to hurt our mouths! This is hubby' plate - I nix the ketchup, because I prefer it with the sweet potato fries, and I have two open-faced burgers with cabbage-leaf lids. And yes, I also tackle an entire serrano chili. This bad boy, however, wasn't that spicy. Sometimes I find myself crying when I bite into those peppers!
Right-before-we-attempt-to-go-to-sleep sweet bowl consisted of way too many ingredients. You know those moments where you find yourself just starving and you throw together a quick "snack" that ends up being overly done, with too much of everything, and hardly fits in your stomach? Yeah, that's what I did. Muesli, buckwheat, cinnamon, frozen berries, banana, almonds, ground flaxseed. I was so close to eating half of it and putting the rest in the fridge for tomorrow morn' - but alas, I consumed every last bite. Every last bite besides the raisin that fell on the floor, and the pieces of ground flaxseed that fell onto my baby's onesie. details....

In other news... baby and mama went to their first La Leche League gathering! Breastfeeding is going pretty well, I must be thankful for this, but there are moments at night that Santi decides to fuss and fuss some more out of hunger and even though the goods are ready for him to latch onto he just pushes away, grumpy, frustrated and turned off. He'll take a little, then push off again, fuss some more, and sometimes cry a little while sucking - so I wanted to address these things with a mom who has more experience than I. Also, I'm sore like nobody's business, which I know is normal, and he's cluster feeding like madness, also normal, but.... I just wanted to try one of these La Leche League things once, and see how it is.
It ended up being different than I had expected. I imagined a handful of new/not-new mommies, all sitting on chairs in a circle, with our babies nursing all at once, and a teacher answering our questions in the order in which they were received, while she stared at our baby and their latch, listened for different cues (smacking noises, fussiness) and gave us tips. It was much different. Lots of mommies had their toddlers there, and I was distracted by their cuteness, the fact that they can hold their heads up without support, their ability to talk, crawl, walk and eat raw carrots with hummus. The two leaders were awesome, though, they asked us if we had questions, first, meaning, do we have any breast feeding battles going on or anything we're concerned about, and then we discussed the "topic of the month" which was the powerrrr of humannn milkkkk. And they did it all while being moms to their toddlers, guiding them, not ignoring them, while they still gave their full attention to the new mommy's and our questions. It was just loud. and overstimulating. but we survived!

A few moms brought up things going on in their fairly new breast-feeding endevors - such as burning sensations, the smacking noise coming from baby's mouth upon feeding, and the fact that "oh, your baby is gaining weight? Then you're doing perfectly!" is a big. fat. lie! because no lactation consultant, nurse, midwife, OB, or La Leche League lady can really know if baby's latch is correct - even by staring at them while they eat breakfast - because if mom is in pain, it isn't being done right. Even if baby is gaining weight, eating often and happy as a little lamb. We should not hurt at all. It's hard, though, I remember the first week or so when Santiago would latch incorrectly and it made my toes curl it hurt so much. I just let him eat, because I was happy he was getting the milk he needed and I figured my comfort wasn't that important at the time. wrong. I actually took him off while he was eating this morning because it hurt like madness and I wanted to enjoy it like he was. Thankfully I was able to re-adjust both of us and he latched very nicely, zero pain! 
Anyhow, after the meeting was concluded, I hung out a little bit and met a few girls. One gave me pointers on the insanity that is The Moby Wrap (which weee have now both become a master at, thank you very much!) and I was able to talk to one of the leaders about Santi's fussy and fidgety evening feedings. She said it was normal for two reasons: one) all women produce less milk at nighttime, maybe causing him to flip out at the lack of fountain pouring into his mouth or two) my crazy let down (most likely the case) fills his mouth so rapidly that he goes wild, maybe it even catches him by surprise in the middle of the night. She recommended, once he detaches and fusses from the milk that is squirting in his eyeball, to cover me lady parts until the flow slows down a bit, then offer it to him again. So we'll see!
All in all, I would like to go to more of these get-togethers. Each location meets once a month, but there are handfuls of different locations close to me so I might even tackle a few a month! It's just joyous to meet other mommies, talk about this rollercoaster-event of breastfeeding, and, well, it's lovely to leave the house and talk to grown ups for a bit. Added bonus: you can so breastfeed without a cover at these things! Hellloooo step out of your comfort zone and not worry about sweating under a nursing cover! Fabulous freedom!
kale, beet greens, almond milk, frozen banana, ice, unsweetened cocoa powder, muesli n' coconut!
buckwheat + cauliflower pizza crust, homemade tomato basil sauce, grilled bell pepper, zucchini, nutritional yeast madness and avocado. Oh my, dreaaamy!
I even had energy to make a loaf of bread today! We used to go through bread like nobody's business. I would always make two loaves at the same time, sometimes adding cinnamon or raisins, sometimes mixing up the sweeteners between honey, maple syrup or molasses, but always using my aunt's basic bread recipe of: whole wheat flour, vital wheat gluten, ground flaxseed (replaces the oil), water and yeast. It's such an easy recipe and always turns out perfectly! Meet Mr. Bread:
He's pretty fancy looking, I know, especially under that awful nighttime-in-our-kitchen lighting. Whew! And I also threw together hubby's favorite ice cream treat: frozen banana, almond milk, prunes and/or dates, walnuts to thicken it up, extra dark cocoa powder or cocoa with carob powder, and ice. I love how pink it looks in this picture - so strange! That's why you have to hunt down the extra dark unsweetened cocoa powder - it's much richer and makes this baby actually look like chocolate ice cream. Delicious!
Woah, man: baby Santiago just ate for over a full hour (with a diaper change and a few 5 minute power naps n between), then got a full on bath, was alert, awake and playful with papa before he left for work, let mama shower, then actually fell asleep in the Moby wrap long enough that I could make breakfast and write most of this blog with both hands free! Sweetness, this three week old baby boy is a delight.

And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.  
Philippians 4:7

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