October 10, 2012

Libraries and Malls and Restaurants, Oh My!

We did it again! What was going to be a relaxing, fun, no fuss, no worry or care, pure catch up time with a girl friend and her two year old girl - turned into a 9:00am-2:00pm whirlwind of events, of car feedings, of visits around the world! Okay, not so much, but when plans get canceled last minute, and this new mommy had her hair done and was all dressed up with no where to go, I was determined.
Bring on: drop off hubby at work, head to library to pick up the 80/10/10 book waiting for me on hold (since I have a fruit and vegetable addiction and I'm not afraid to admit it), realize the library doesn't open until 10:00am (it's a little after 9:00am), turn around and find myself at the mall, since I know it's open, and I needed to get myself something, realize all the stores are closed, do a quick diaper change and watch little Santi pee all over himself in the car - including on his long-sleeved, warm n' fuzzy onesie, strap him in the Bjorn carrier and hurry myself inside the mall, feel like an awful mom for not having an extra pair of long-sleeved clothes (I put him in pants and a t-shirt) and it felt like straight-up Winter outside....

Find myself and Santi in the mall with a large handful of ladies and gentleman over 65 years of age, as well as a few mommies and their babies, and a couple parents with their small children, but zero stores open until 10:00am - it is now around 9:20am or so, give or take. Nicole and baby decide their walk for the day is going to take place inside of this mall, whether we like it or not. Then come the rounds: we walk around the perimeter of the mall 30 times, or somewhere around 5 full times, and wait for stores to open their doors to us. Santi sleeps like a rock, I try to talk to him every once in a while to remind him I am not a robot without feelings or a voice. I  get a blister on my left heel from my non-walking shoes. These shoes only look cute, they aren't for walking more than 10 feet in. Bad choice. I wasn't aware that a 40+ minute indoor walk was going to take place. Wasn't my fault. Sorry, heel.

The stores open up, we buy mom some makeup, and the fussing starts. I promise Santi we are almost finished, and I pat his little bottom and whisper sweet things to him as we walk to Gymboree for a Winter-friendly onesie. I turn into one of those moms in the store, I ask the lady where the baby stuff is (it all looked like bigger-boy and bigger-girl clothes) and instead of simply grabbing the first long-sleeved on sale item that caught my eye, I debate between about 3 outfits, "aww, that one is cute..." "will your papa like that truck on the front?" "hey, sweetie, do you want a lion on your shirt?" and Santi's fussing slowly makes it way to a wimper... then a slight cry... then a full blown cry. I grab the stinkin' raccoon onesie (so. cute.), pay, and bolt out of there. He settles down because I am moving at more than 1mph.

We find ourselves in the car and I immediately feed the bugger. He eats like he has never eaten before in his life, "finally, mom, thanks for trying to force me into fend-for-myself mode. I'm not survivor man, I can't just go hunt wild deer and be okay for the day. I need milk, and you almost made me starve!" I swear those were the thoughts that went through his head, only in Spanish, since he's bilingual that way. He eats like a rockstar, and looks at me in this, "really?" sort of way, as if he knows that I'm about to change his clothes (again) in the car. I strap him in Mr.Carseat and we make our way to the library.
Library uneventful, but very successful, with a little bit of fussing. I pull what many dads at the pediatrician's office I work at pull - SWING THE CARSEAT. Now. I swing and swing him like my arm is intentionally trying to be ripped out of its socket (sorry, graphic.) - I will not be the mom whose baby starts screaming in a library. Libraries are for whispering,we all know this from grade school, and I am not going to act like I never got the memo. He does well, we drive to my job to surprise visit everyone and meet grandma and grandpa for some Mexican lunch.
Another feeding and diaper change in the car. I love seeing him eat so well, and not pee on me during a diaper change, or pee on his new onesie for that matter. Success. We can leave the house and survive. I feel freedom. I feel joy. We visit friends and co-workers, we show off how chubby we are (okay, just Santi) and we stare at everyone - wide eyed and alert. Everyone says, "ooh" and "aww" and then we leave like the wind - there one moment and gone the next. Or, you know, we leave because everyone is going to lunch anyway and my mom is on the clock so we don't want to make anyone mad.

Lunch is delicious, and Santi enjoys his first restaurant experience. He sits with grandma as she enjoys her greens and beans and plant-foods. He grabs the attention of two young dads and a 2 or 3 year old little girl. Babies are fascinating. So are toddlers - which I cannot wait until Santi turns into! Or can I? Okay, maybe I can. Maybe I can wait loooonnnnggg time before our little less-than-one-month-old baby is a full on toddler. Yes. I will wait. Patiently. Ohpleasestayababyforever!

Then a visit with Auntie Kristy, who works right by grandma, and a quick drive home. In the middle of that visit with auntie is, of course, a feeding at the Mexi food place, and a moment of screaming-on-top-of-my-lungs-because-I-can from baby. Proceed to: breastfeeding in the car, again, and a rich nap. Drive home. Eat fourteen more times, sleep a little, and mom (me) suddenly panics because we've been out all day and I have gotten absolutely nothing done in the house. Except feed the monkey and change his dirty diapers. and maybe grab more food because I have a hunger that just cannot be satisfied.
Then went down a cooking frenzy: quinoa, pinto beans in the pressure cooker, lentils, an attempt to make lentil meatballs but just got half way done, roasted pumpkin and butternut squash for something-or-other recipes I have yet to decide on, some glorious potato crisps I saw on a blog and just haaaad to make, a plan to put together an apple/cabbage slaw for hubby that didn't happen since I ran out of time but at least I intended to so I get 4 points for that (right?), all while the amazing grandparents watch Santi, try to convince him he does not need to eat again but that mommy does need to cook and, well, maybe eat a little food herself, and a photoshoot of raccoon onesies somewhere in between there.
Told you it was a long day. I don't lie about these things. And then we slept like rocks. Or babies. Or one-day-old babies since we all know that after that first day they (babies) don't really care a whole lot about sleeping unless it is during the day and mommy is awake but the second mommy is tired them babies decide they want anything but sleep so it doesn't really work out all that beautifully. But it's worth it.

But those who wait on the LORD 
shall renew their strength; 
They shall mount up with wings like eagles, 
They shall run and not be weary, 
They shall walk and not faint.
Isaiah 40:31 

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