October 8, 2012

Over Stimulation on a Sunday

Sunday, Sunday! We survived a long, long morning with bebe Santi! It was kind of amazing, and kind of challenging, but there's a first for everything, right? We started our morning with a little bit of fussiness (let's be honest, it was quite a lot of fussiness) because "my name is Santi and I like to eat non-stop so I can grow big and strong and appear in the Guinness Book of World Records under baby who gained the most weight in the shortest amount of time and won lots of money because of it" and mommy decided to cook quinoa pancakes for her and papa (the nerve!) while I was ready for my fourteenth breakfast of the morning and mami forced me to stay in the Bjorn carrier for like 20 minutes! Madness. But I have to say, it was wonderful and I was so surprised how long he hung out in the carrier (pun intended bahaha).

I had to do a lot of bouncing, patting of his little bottom, and singing "we're cooking pancakes" in English and Spanish the entire time I cooked, because he was very close to having a complete meltdown over the whole situation. Eventually he fell asleep (hooray!) and we enjoyed pancakes (hooray again!) until, two seconds later, he decided to wake up whaling like a loud animal for milk for real this time so I fed him while I attempted to eat breakfast and not drop berries or banana slices on his onesie while he ate. Fun times!

Then we tackled pure insanity: two church services, grocery shopping and a drive to pick up a Craigslist gem: a rocking chair. Why kind of crazy parents decide to do all of that when their wee-baby is less than 4 weeks old? We did. I guess. But it won't be happening again, because it ended up making our babe's mealtime and ours collide and that resulted in three very hungry human beings, with not a whole lot of patience, or options on lunch/dinner. Bring on more Bjorn carrier time, singing, dancing, patting and cooking all at once! Pizza and breastfeeding while watching a movie? Yes ma'am.

Church was interesting: he loved himself the Moby wrap - tight as a bug against mama's chest, awake and alert - staring at everyone around him. He happily hung in the wrap through worship time but of course the moment the music stopped and the pastor began to pray, Santiago decides to fuss n' cry. So Edu quickly hands me the diaper bag and I attempted to exit quietly - and failed miserably. I guess a mom, her baby boy, and a full diaper bag can't un-noticeably sneak pass three people in between the row of chairs at my church. I fell on two people, almost lost my balance completely, and had to be caught by a lovely lady I had never seen before. Gah - new moms! Such crazy, clumsy ladies. Or wait, that's just me? Well, shoot!
So he ate n' ate in the cry room while I tried to focus on the sermon, which was hard since I'm a journaling gal and have to write it down in order to absorb anything. Yet of course he eventually started to squirm, kick, fuss and then scream at me while all the other babies nursed in blissful peace! I went to change his diaper - poop mania (reason why he began screaming while feeding!) - which usually calms him down. Then he continued to eat until the service ended and we contemplated going to the next service (young married couples bible study). I convinced hubby to stay for another service, even though we had a lot to do and baby Santi slept for the first half of class (woohoo!) of course... then the screaming commenced once again. And it escalated more... and more... and louder... and stronger... and dramatic-er.... until hubby handed me the udder cover (breastfeeding cover) and I went to feed the little guy again, which filled him with happiness.

Whew. He then ate after grocery shopping - twice - and then we were able to pick up ye ol' rocking chair while he slept like a happy bear. So there was our over-stimulating Sunday! Here's to this week's goal:
  1. Quiet time with the Bible, a journal, and prayer
  2. a daily walk outside - rain or shine!
  3. keeping computer time to a minimum to prevent mommy headaches
  4. a daily NAP!
nightly Skying with gna n gpa Carrillo!
Do you not know?
Have you not heard?
Lord is the everlasting
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He will not grow tired or weary,
and his understanding no one can fathom.
He gives strength to the weary
and increases the power of the weak.
Isaiah 40:28-29

Citrus Chocolate Brownie Bars
recipe from Raw Food Recipes ~ Elenore Earthsprout
This recipe is simple and the flavor of the bars will cause your heart to sing! Make these as soon as humanly possible and share them with every one you love. Recipe copied from website, my modifications in red :)


Citrus layer
2 cups shredded coconut (2.8 dl)
3 organic oranges - zest & juice
zest from 2 organic lemon *I used a lime, I ran out of lemons!
juice from 1 organic lemon *lime
Chocolate layer
2 cups dried dates, pitted (2.8 dl)
8 tblsp water
7 tbsp Raw Cacao (or regular organic) *unsweetened cocoa powder
1 pinch of Himalayan salt/Celtic sea salt
1,6 oz (45 grams) Cacao butter *coconut oil


Citrus layer
1. Mix the shredded coconut in a food processor until a bit creamy
2. Add the zest from 3 oranges and 2 lemons
3. Add the juice from 3 oranges and 1 lemon and mix again until incorporated
4. Put plastic film in a pan (mine measured 10 * 3 inches /25 * 8 cm) and spread the citrus layer evenly onto the bottom of it.
5. Put the pan in the freezer and let it sit there while you make the chocolate layer

Chocolate layer
1. Roughly chop the dried and pitted dates and put them in a food processor along with the water. Mix until it turns into a thick paste
2. Add the Raw cacao and the salt and blend for approximately 20 seconds more.
3. Melt the Cacao butter gently over hot water and add it to the food processor once it is in liquid form. Mix for another 20 seconds.
4. Spread the chocolate layer on top of the Citrus layer and sprinkle some whole hemp seeds and cacao powder if you like.
5. After 30 minutes in the freezer you can cut it into smaller pieces and store in the fridge (or eat right away)"

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