October 29, 2012

6 Week Old Baby: Weekend Milestones

T'was a weekend full of Seattle weather and plenty of six-week-old-baby milestones!

Santiago had his first 5 hour stretch of nighttime sleep! Followed by his usual 2 hour naps with feedings in between. Praise God for rest, we felt so amazing the next morning! I guess this is what happens when they don't nap the day before and eat constantly for hours. Growth spurt confirmed!

Baby's first nap marathon.... First, papá changed his diaper and clothes as we prepared for the day ahead.

Green smoothie into my belly (kale, orange, lemon, banana, pineapple) and hugs from Santi. The day was rainy and gray, and I think it made him fall asleep. Let the all day long nap marathon begin.... We'll take it!

More food for mama....

....then Santiago visited his grandpapa/mama's home for the first time! He slept the entire time we were there, but it still counts as a "first"! Eduardo mentioned something sweet as we stood at the top of the stairs ready to leave, " I never imagined this. Us, the baby. Here it's always been just Nicole and I with you guys..." You see, Edu lived in my mama and papa's home for a whole year when he first moved up to the states from Mexico, so he really sees the place as his U.S. home. Having little Santi in the living room of this house really made us walk down memory lane and remember Edu's first visit, the first time we met in person, and the amazing gift of having our first baby. How time flies and flies! 6 years ago on Halloween night we met in person after 5 months of talking via Internet and phone. Our whole story is here, for those curious as to what the blazes I am talking about (hint: an unplanned, out-of-nowhere online romance that we like to believe God put together).

From Gma and Gpas home, Santiago embarked on his first... Passport journey! Well, I guess you could call it that. God willing, a few days after Thanksgiving we will be heading down to Mexico City to be with Eduardo's family and Santi's abuelitos y tios, primos y amigos (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends)! And I guess there's a law that he needs himself a passport (silly rules of the world) and we even had to take his picture for it! I ended up editing a photo I took a few weeks ago, since he wasn't in the mood to take a new one, and it was so dang cute. We even received an immediate, "awww" when handing the 2 by 2 inch photo to the passport office lady. Babies are fun! Santiago was very peacefully sleeping the entire wait period, 45 minutes or so, and only fussed a few times as we got everything processed. Hooray!

Then a meal took place in the car for all three of us: milk for baby - followed by nap #2,000 -, coconut water, apples, mandarins and a homemade coconut sunflower seed bar for us grown ups. Then onto some grocery shopping, technically another first: we hung out in the car, sleeping (baby) and listening to loud music (how stimulating!) while papá visited Costco and I typed up crazy Friday's blog post on my phone.


After Costco, a huuuge milestone: Santiago's first experience in a sit-down restaurant! But first, a blow out in his disposable diaper (we don't leave the house with extra cloth diapers since they are bulky in the user bag) that traveled outside of the diaper onto his white pants! So a wardrobe change took place in a dark parking lot, since apparently it's okay to look like 10:00pm outside when it's really only 6:00pm (oh, Fall). Then we went inside the restaurant.

The moment we sat down in the booth, I felt anxious. Santiago had been asleep allllll day and he was now wide awake. He had a clean diaper, was well fed and seemed content, but usually this would call for some major play time. You see, he isn't one for just sitting there, staring at the ceiling, he now wants to bounce around the house in someone's loving arms, he likes singing and saying and sitting on your hip as you tour the living room until you're too tired to continue. Speaking of, my forearm muscles are completely sore right now, and I am positive that this 13 pound baby is the culprit!

So I rocked him in his carseat as he stared at the restaurant's cieling. I ordered a vegetarian burrito without cheese or sour cream and Edu ordered prawn fajitas with corn tortillas. We vowed to not touch the chips until the meals arrived and it was great to not feel full of corn and salt before we even started dinner! Santi was at peace for a bit but I decided to take him out of the carseat before he asked as to avoid a crying baby in a restaurant. He sat on my lap and we played a little "cowboy" with my bouncing leg, which is his horse, and he was calm. Before the food arrived I passed him to Edu so I could use the restroom and wash my hands and it was so nice to return to a happy baby, happy papá and hot food!

We placed Santi in his carseat as we partook in meal time but after a few bites I noticed him getting a little fidgety so I decided to feed him. Out came the udder cover and baby ate at rapid speeds! I was able to, carefully, eat the burrito while he nursed, and with success I didn't spill any rice or beans on him. Sweet mother of pearl, it was great. I burped the monkey, sat him on my lap an continued to play cowboy while dinner was finished, and eventfully handed him over to his padre while I tackled the corn chips that were calling my name. Edu played piano with Santiago's little hands and they were both so happy! I couldn't believe what a joyful, fuss-free experience it was. We really thought we were crazy for bringing him in a restaurant and expecting him to be okay. He did so, so well, I could hardly believe it!

Then we took a nighttime drive to the grocery store, which wasn't a milestone for him... but the screaming in the car with papá, while I shopped, was! It was nice to finally go home and call it a night. Both Friday and Saturday Edu put Santiago to sleep for the night which was a beautiful blessing. I think it's so great that they have their man time together, even if recently that's been mainly at bed time!

Sunday's milestone: Santiago lasted all the way through church service without asking for food or a diaper change! Out of the 6 Sundays of his life, he has attended church 5 times and we've had to leave to go to the "cry room" (for nursing or fussy babies, you can hear and see the sermon from inside the soundproof room) each time except for this one! I think the key was to feed him a full meal before leaving the house, even though it made us late. I am going to try that each Sunday, and hopefully we will time it right so we're not arriving late to church each week!

Foods were the usual waffle deal, with figs + a banana, pineapple, orange smoothie! So refreshing and rich, Edu said it felt like the perfect meal to prepare for a marathon - meaning, to him, that it was perfect!

Sunday night was a challenge... Santiago had not slept all day (mile...stone?) except for dozing off at church and in the car on the way to Whole Foods (I think?) and he was showing signs of sleepiness as the evening approached. After each milk meal, Edu and I would attempt to put him down for a nap but he would wake up almost instantly. We even tried play time with papá, which he loved in the morning, but he didn't seem at all interested. He kept wanting to suck on something - anything - but we are trying for pacifier-free so he went for papá's shoulder, chest, and baby's hand. We simply kept giving him breastfeeding time, and it always made his tears cease from flowing and his eyelids get heavy.

All he really did need was sleep, not more milk. We think he kept asking to eat out of comfort, because it puts him to sleep each time. Around 9:00, after he had been fussy and eating around the clock since around 5, we were able to put him to sleep by swaddling him (which he really isn't very fond of) and he slept for another 5 hour streak - woohoo!

Dinner was pizza, pinto beans n' salsa.

Dessert was an apple, nanner, cinnamon, raisins and sunflower seeds. Sleep was delicious. Seeing Santiago happy was glorious and made us instantly forget how hard it is to be parents. There was a lot of hugging, praying and a few more tears on mommy's part - but I rejoice in my Heavenly Father because He never leaves our side, and He holds out His hand to help us.

The transition from husband and wife to mommy and daddy isn't easy at all, but it is such an amazing gift and I really wouldn't change it for anything. This little boy's life is such a joy to both of us, and we love having him with us! I'm already excited to have a little sister or brother for him (hahah - I know, complete crazy talk! God's will be done, that's my prayer)!

Here's to another week of learning and growing. We'll see what God has planned for us this next Monday through Friday stretch!


  1. so many milestones! so that's the growth spurt at six week as the text book? so good that he rewarded you with five hours of sleep. I'm curious if that continue after the growth spurt. hopefully it does.

    I'm impressed by your courage to dine out with the baby, I can't imagine doing that anytime soon.

    and oh... isn't amazing that babies like to sleep or doze when going out and not wanting to sleep at home comfortably?

    Santiago is really cute in so many of these pics! :)

    1. Yeah that was textbook, but they also say growth spurts can happy anyyyy time, so whenever he does this I like to immediately call it a growth spurt - it makes it so much easier! haha :)

  2. The passport photo is so cute :)

    Yay for 5 straight hours of sleep!

  3. I just love reading this! We got Ty´s passport at 6 weeks too...and it is about the same...fat little round baby face staring like what are guys doing to me? We went to see the abuelitos at 2.5 months and it was one of the most precious memories my mind has! It was the perfect age, he slept all the flights and just LOVED being in the arms of all his relatives south of the border. I am so glad you guys are going. We felt it was important for them to get to see him as a little newish-born babe before he was onto bigger things like crawling! I am sure you will have a wonderful time. Glad to hear he is doing well with the fussiness and seems to be sleeping really well too! ps we also took an almost identical pic of Tyler next to a huge pumpkin...we need to get the follow up picture for this year!

    1. hahah that's so crazy! Santi will be 2.5 weeks, as well! Him and Tyler are doing everything the same - goofy boys with their Mexicano lives :)

  4. Santiago is adorable! I love his hair. :) I had to laugh at the restaurant blow out story. That happened to us, too! I think the babies know and are like "how are you going to handle this one?" :)