November 14, 2012

2 Months Old!

The day has arrived. It's a day new parents feel is so, so far away. Our baby will never reach two months old, that's like 49 years from now, you say as you hold your one-day-old sweetie pie in your arms. At the pediatician's office I work at, we are always amazed at how fast time goes by when it comes to the new babies. "Weren't you just in here for your newborn check up?" we tell the parents as they check in for their toddler's 15 month well child check. Time just slips out of your hands, you go through each day as it's placed in front of you, you fall asleep, wake up shortly after, and a whole day has already come and gone.


We can't slow down time, all we can do is squeeze our babies and kiss them all over and enjoy every second that they stare into our eyes. And every second we are away from Facebook. Pure joy, but it's a hard lesson to learn to turn off what entertains us so easily and actually enjoy life again. Life, in my case, is bible time with my Jesus and His Word, Santiago time, including sitting with him and talking about my childhood (when I can't find anything else to talk about), and being with my spouse (even if it means skipping a night of blogging so we can head to sleepy-town earlier).

Anyhow. It's been two months. What have I learned? What has Edu learned as a papa? What is Santiago up to? What the heck is my body doing now that it's close to 9 weeks since I pushed out an 8lb baby boy? Well, I think we all know the answers to most of those questions with the daily-Santi fixes on Love Oats, but let's go into detail, shall we? Just a bit? I think we shall!

On Baby
At his 2 month well baby check up he weighed in at just under 15 pounds! 25 inches long, and an average size head (56th percentile or so). Weight and height are at the 97th and 98th percentile, which I can only assume is thanks to his true love for breastmilk. I remember how often he ate the first few weeks, how often I googled, "baby constantly eating?" and was re-assured time and time again that it was normal, that all is well, that I should listen to baby's cue's and not listen to the hundreds of newborn-themed books that tell me I'm doing everything wrong. So, I feed him when he asks to be fed, without looking at the clock. Thus - giant baby!

He is extremely alert these days. He naps some days, other days all he wants to do is look into your eyes and be enterained. He is a fan of whistling in his face, blowing in his eyes, kissing his chubby neck that you can hardly see because of all of the rolls, and loud noises with deeeep eye contact. If you walk into the room and call his name or talk to him, he will most likely look your way. Santi grins in the morning as we tell him, "buenos diiiiias!" (good morning in Spanish) and giggles when he is enjoying whatever is going on around him.

This boy is a talker! The other day we had our first full conversation together. I'm convinced we were talking about what he wants to be when he grows up and what he thinks about my crazy personality, but who knows. I read in a book that his pediatrician gave us (something like, "All About Baby, From Birth to Five Years") and it says that around this time baby will coo and googoo - and parents are encouraged to talk back. At first I would mimic his noises, then I felt like I should be saying actual words in response to his sounds - but now I full on copy the exact noises he makes, and he loves it! He tends to talk right back, saying something different each time. Eventually, I do use real words, but copying his sounds is the greatest.

He reads books! Well, he sits on mommy's lap and let's me read him books. I'm pretty sure he is just fascinated by the pictures, but this is huge since he used to never even want me to sit in a chair with him, let alone force him to stare at a lame-old book. I've talked about this before. So we'll leave it at that, yay books! He also adores toys that sing and light up, like over his play mat that grandma and gpa bought for him. He talked, and smiled, at this electronic kitty waaay before he spoke to or smiled at his own mami. Silly toys. Creepy toys...

He hates tummy time! Okay, this one is weird. He used to love tummy time, we started around 3 days of life for him, since I read that baby's who aren't exposed to enough tummy time really early on in their life tend to have all the physical milestones (rolling over, neck strength in general) later than their tummy-time-loving friends. So we often put him on his tummy and he enjoyed every bit of it. Now, though? I find myself forgetting to even try, simply because when I do make an effort to put him on his tummy, no matter how stimulating the floor is below him (play mat, fun burp cloth with figures on it, boring white couch...) he fusses almost within the minute. Anyway, we'll just hold him in the air as if he is lying on his tummy and hope his neck strengthens that way. Deal?

Other than that? He poops really great. He eats really well. He talks. He stares at lights like he's a human moth that just... can't... stop.... looking... must... touch.... bright... light... must... reach... must... get... sucked... into... vortex....... and he loves the paintings in our house.He sleeps over 6 hours during the day after receiving his 2 month immunizations... He is fascinated by the red shelving in our Ikea shelf in the kitchen, and he thinks the microwave is a time machine that will take him back to his perfect life in the womb, so every time we walk by it he just can't take his eyes off the dang thing. It's highly entertaining. I won't be surprised if, once he's walking, we find him trying to climb inside it one day. It will happen. I will allow it to. Adventures are fun! (she says, then regrets it competely 2 years later).

Oh, yes, the day's eats! Collard greens, 2 bananas, apple n' ice. My (amazing) friend Katie gifted us with a pot-roast-comparable vegan dish loaded with beans, potato, bell pepper, onion, carrots, mushroom and incredible spices and herbs. I cooked some sprouted tofu squares in paprika, nutritional yeast, ancho chili powder, pepper, salt and garlic powder - pairing it with avocado and roasted veggies!

Mommy's 2 month post partum post to come! Or is it?


  1. Santi looks so cute! My stepmom bought me that exact yellow ducky outfit for our baby :)

  2. congrats on hitting the two months mark! look how much he's grown in such short time!
    I so agree about how time flies when we have a newborn. there's a saying that says days are long years are fast with babies, so true. sometimes when Sofia is extremely fussy (like every evening), hours seem so long, but then when I look back, how is it possible that 7 weeks already gone? I feel that I haven't savored it well, that I didn't enjoy every minute of it enough.
    it's so nice that Santi is more alert, mine too but most of time she's fussy when alert, alert and peaceful time is really short.
    I haven't tried reading to her yet because she can't sit still for more than 10 sec, aren't babies all hyper active? sometimes I look at all, constantly moving her hands and legs, I wonder if there's something wrong with her because she seems like having drunk 10 cups of coffee.
    anyway, cngrats again and so glad that we are just 1 week apart! :)